INTRODUCTION Soil nailing is a technique used to reinforce and strengthen existing ground. Soil nailing consists of installing closely spaced bars into a slope or excavation as construction proceeds from top down. It is an effective and economical method of constructing retaining wall for excavation

Rembco Geotechnical Contractors are soil nail walls installation experts. Soil Stabilization. A soil nail wall is a stabilization method of reinforcing existing soil by installing threaded steel bars into slopes or cuts as wall construction Soil nailing is an economical means of creating shoring systems and retaining walls. Often

For certain conditions, soil nailing offers a viable alternative from the viewpoint of technical feasibility, construction costs, and construction duration when compared to ground anchor walls, which is another popular top-to bottom retaining system. Soil nail walls are particularly well suited to excavation applications for ground

One of the most important things about the soil nail construction process is that you start at the top and as you dig, the wall is extended on a per lift or depth basis. It is a great option for: Temporary excavation shoring; Permanent site retaining walls; Slope stabilization; Tunnel portals; Roadway cuts; Under

Geotechnical Manual, Foundation Reports for Earth Retaining Systems. Design and performance advantages of soil nail walls include: Less right of way needed than competing systems, such as ground anchors;. Less disruptive to traffic and cause less environmental impact;. Relatively fast construction

Soil nailing is a construction technique used to reinforce soil to make it more stable. Soil nailing is used for slopes, excavations, retaining walls etc.

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This manual introduces a framework for the design of soil nail walls that takes into account factors of safety used in the ASD method while integrating LRFD principles. 17. Key Word. Soil nail, soil nail wall design, LRFD, ASD, earth- retaining structures, construction, soil nail load test, facing, shotcrete, specifications. 18.