Wall Treatments for Commercial Interiors. Wall Tile Ideas for Interior Designers. Popular wall treatments for commercial interiors include wall coverings, tile, textiles, surfacing products, and paneling systems. The range of wall treatment options on the market allows designers to get creative and produce unique effects in their

They can be a wonderful way to reuse boards from structures that are razed, thus making a project more sustainable. Walls of natural wood connect the interiors to the peace-giving outdoors by reminding you to surround yourself with simple, natural materials. Planks can be used in a sleek modern way.

Interior Corrugated Panels. Exposed Fasteners. Interior Corrugated fits right at home whether you are using it as a wall panel, or simply as an accent piece. A popular option includes using it as a kitchen island surround in rustic designed homes. Interior Corrugated Metal Panels. Interior Metal Wall Panel Bedroom

Designed to provide low-maintenance solutions in exterior and interior coverings as well as decoration elements; Glasteel's products are ideal for residential projects, such as: Heated swimming in these projects: Glasliner Wall Panels Besides traps in the energy used to heat and cool your building. Products used in

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Mad Men interiors wood paneling Here we explore six of the most popular, most devastatingly handsome of your wood paneling options: Reclaimed wood: Whether you utilize actual reclaimed wood or simply use new wood and make it look old, a wall of reclaimed wood paneling can add loads of

Looking for wall coverings other than the obvious (paint)? Look at this idea gallery for stone, metal, tin, and other creative wall coverings.

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New interior door and wall systems encourage spatial efficiency and flexibility—essential traits in the contemporary office, where shifting, collaborative work groups are the norm. Here's a look at some innovative designs for this ever-critical design element. Raydoor. Offering an extensive selection of sliding