What would be the best flooring for a outside dog kennel? We have 2 large dogs and 3, 3mo puppies. Waste is getting out of hand and killing the grass. Any ideas: gravel, wood chips, just plain concrete? I board dogs in my home and have dog pen that I keep straw in. The straw is not nearly as expensive

Using mulch around animals doesn't have to be a challenge if you use the most natural product you can find. This way, if an animal does ingest the mulch material, there is no risk of illness or death. Wood chips are commonly used in dog parks, but they are not always pet safe. Read the labels before you buy and find a

Many dog owners believe wood shavings make comfortable doghouse bedding. But try It is the same reason that wood shavings make poor bedding material for your dog. Some dog owners think that grass hay and straw are the same, but the only thing they really share is that they are both plant material.

i know this has probably been covered before but what is the best bedding for dogs straw,hay or cedar shavings or cedar strips and what are the advantages and your dog is stained orange yellow, if they have white on them they don't look the best, they seem to like fresh straw better then wood products.

An outdoor cat house filled with straw—not hay—will keep your feline friends warm and cozy during the winter. The difference between straw and hay may seem mundane, but it can actually make a world of difference for cats. They look similar, but while straw makes excellent bedding for outdoor cat shelters, hay becomes a

wood or plastic. Metal is no good since it conducts cold and will not keep your pet warm. If the house is made of plastic, be sure that it contains plenty of warm, dry bedding cedar chips or straw. (Blankets are not good because they become wet and will retain the moisture. Wet, frozen blankets will only cause your dog.

I've built a feral cat shelter and I want to provide the cats with some bedding or blankets to help keep them warm. Do you have any As for bedding, the best choice for cat shelter bedding is straw. Most straw is Wood Chips Wood shaving can contain oils that irritate animals noses and respiratory systems. They do not

But I wouldn't think keeping a pet outdoors would be an option for most..most peoples heart doesn't work that way. .. The answer is that the OP should use straw and or cedar shavings, make sure the house is properly sized (too big is less warm), keep the house off the ground a little (for warmth and

The best bedding to keep your dog warm during cold weather depends on the location of her bed. Invest in suitable bedding for your indoor bed or outdoor dog house to keep your dog healthy, happy and

The type of bedding that should be used in dog houses is discussed.