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Proudly owned by Chip Lee Timber Pte Ltd. Visit our Mandai Showroom for a greater selection of products. 7, Mandai Link, Mandai Connection Block B, Unit 04-31 Singapore At FLOOREMPIRE, we offer vast selection of flooring solutions, from vinyl, bamboo decking, outdoor decking to indoor flooring.

Hence, maintaining regularly to make your decking last for a longer period of time is a requirement for you. Generally, there are types of decking commonly found in Singapore homes. They are wood plastic composite decking as well as natural wood decking. Here's the steps. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking. Often

Bay Window Products. Hong Ye Bay Window Products offers 2 kinds of materials: 1. Burmese Teak Strips (Highly recommended! Long lasting and beautiful). 2. Vinyl Wood Strip Bay Window with L skirting (Cheapest option!) 3. Granite Bay Window. All 3 types of materials, Burmese Teak Strips, Vinyl Wood Strip and Granite

The Softline system is quality assurance outdoor timber flooring. Both wood, Merbau and Jaya are VLK certified in Indonesia. Nam Soon Decking is proud to be their exclusive ambassador to market this product in Singapore. Presentation. Advantages. The Fixation. Selected Wood Species. Video. Softline System.

Durable, Safe, Easy to clean flooring for Singapore balconies Natural timber feels great to the touch and is easily cleaned by vacuuming and mopping. As the It is important to get an experienced outdoor flooring expert to install your composite wood decking to ensure a lasting and even installation.

Tips in Choosing the Right Decking. Support underneath the decking is just as important even if you uses good quality material used for the job. No point paying for good timber decking but the support gives way planks pops up overtime resulting having to tear everything out and redoing it again down the