Our sunroom flooring ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful and unique look for your sunroom or three season porch. You may have more options With such a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns, and textures available you should be able to easily find something that suits your personal preferences. vinyl flooring in

If you are building your screened porch on top of a concrete pad, you can use the concrete as your flooring and cover it with a nice rug. Concrete. Porch floor 4: The floor below uses concrete pavers. You'll notice there are no mortar joints. concrete paver. Porch floors 5, 6, and 7: The next 3 pictures are

In today's post, we'll discuss the myriad of options for sunroom flooring and explore which type fits your unique needs. Three season sunrooms aren't generally insulated so choose flooring that will help keep the space warm during the winter months (even if your winter is mild); If you install carpet in your sunroom, stick to

I live in your general area and we are considering ripping off the existing roof on the second floor porch and making a 3 season room. It faces SW and is very hot. There is currently astro turf over the flat roof below. Now I know a great deal about what sort of floors to consider. What kind of windows did you

Depending on how exposed your porch is, this floor might contend with intense sunlight, rain blowing in through screens, a concrete subfloor (which limits your options because you can't nail planks directly to it), recreational-equipment storage, and even freeze-thaw cycles if it's installed in a three-season

Now when it comes to flooring I would suggest polyurethane self-leveling floors. I think you will find them to be suitable for this situation. But, before self-leveling floor you should pour cement screed. Make sure that it is reinforced because these floors are really strong and sometimes can pull up screed.

Flooring and tile, whether stone or ceramic, and even vinyl and some wood floors, can be great solutions to your mudroom. 3. Wood floors. Being the most dependable and sturdy type of flooring, wood is often a favorite for high traffic spaces. Because of it's luxurious look, it's a very sophisticated and