I left a decent gap between the top rail & the deck so I could get my winter cover on (1.5" maybe). As I'm looking at it , I can't help but think that somebody might catch thier toe in it. I thought I saw a pool catalog once that had something that was in tee configuration that would fill that gap. Maybe I'm just being

The pool mastic seal is vital to the care of an in-ground pool because it prevents water from seeping between the pool and your decking, which can cause the surrounding concrete to crack. Put more simply, your pool and deck both need a small margin of space to expand and contract with the weather, the

A 'Proper' Expansion Joint, is a gap between the pool wall and pool deck that goes clear to the earth beneath the pool deck. Without caulking in the gap, the gap When the joint fills with such non-compressible stuff, this removes the gap, and the two structures will move as one. Bad news for the pool wall.

It used to be that all pools built had the expansion joint between the perimeter coping and the pool deck caulked or filled with elastomeric sealant 30 days after the Pool caulk can be patched or repaired in small areas that pull away from the coping or deck, or if holes open up in certain areas, but eventually, it will need to

Concrete Expansion Joints-Backer rod needs to be placed in joints before sealant. Foam backer rods act to fill in space between concrete joints so you don't need to use a ton of self-leveling sealant. Here's a BIG TIP: the diameter of the backer rod should be 1 8 inch larger than the width of your concrete expansion joint.

In that case, you probably should leave it open. One method of avoiding serious termite infestations is being able to visually inspect all the way around the edge of the house. Filling in that gap prevents you from doing so and provides a hidden path for termites to enter the house, made worse by being filled

As you know, you build the deck around the pool, but since the new pool is taller and the installer needed room to move between the deck and the new pool, I now have two issues. I am trying to figure out the best way to cover the space and the height and wanted to see what ideas you had to do so.

What surface do you see there now? How wide is the gap. The foam runs the entire perimeter of the pool between the coping and the deck, "approx. 115 linear feet" (chemical seller's estimate). The gap is about 1 2" and the foam is about 3 8". I know when the deck was put in that the foam is about 4-6" high

How to re-caulk a inground pool deck. Removing the old caulk, I used a 5-1 painters knife. The backer rod caulk saver foam was from Lowes (in the weather strip area) and the size I used was 5 8" (will vary based on crack size) . The caulk also came from Lowes in the concrete section. Some small areas