Latitudes composite decking and railing materials are manufactured by UFP Ventures II, Inc. in Prairie Du Chein, WI. The Intrepid line is available in Gray, Cedar and Redwood and sells for approximately $2.62 per linear foot. The Captiva line is available in Gray, Cedar, Willow and Walnut. The Capricorn tropical color line is

Latitudes composite decking and composite railing bring out the best of wood's exterior beauty without the annual mai. engineered from the inside out. Because Latitudes employs Strandex technology, it's uniquely different than virtually all other composite deck and railing brands. Latitudes Intrepid Composite Decking

Whether you're building a deck, a sauna, or a custom piece of furniture, the Latitudes Intrepid decking wood offers the same, look, feel and reliability of natural wood. Many individuals prefer the Latitudes brand because it's one of the most robust decking and railing products available on the market. The hidden faster and

Latitudes Intrepid composite decking and railing with deck stones under fire pit. accessories equator.htm Latitudes decking features the natural look of wood, minus most of the upkeep you prefer to avoid. Superior wa

Latitudes intrePid deCkinG. Walnut. Reversible Finish. Cedar. Redwood. Gray. 5. The Latitudes Stowaway Hidden Fastener secures deck boards discreetly to joists with a single stainless steel, color-matched screw. The Stowaway screw comes pre- loaded to speed up the installation process, saving time and money.

You can have a deck that looks and performs just the way you want, while expressing your particular tastes and style. Latitudes composite decking comes in four distinct looks and performance grades—Capricorn, Captiva,. Intrepid and Wave. Simply find the one that's right for your budget, building needs and tastes. All are.

spacing and ease of assembly Sold as boxed kits Code compliant without using an aluminum insert. Intrepid 2x4 Rail Code compliant without using an aluminum insert Compatible with all Latitudes baluster options Decorative cap rail available for a finished look. Decorator's Accessories add to the beauty of any Deck.

Latitudes offers everything you need to design and build truly extraordinary decks. Choose from three great Latitudes Railing styles to complete a one-of-a-kind deck. Latitudes Intrepid Composite Railing Series: Latitudes Intrepid Composite Railing Overview · Latitudes Intrepid Metal Baluster Options · Latitudes