But how do you clean your deck without damaging it? Here are a Composite decking and hand rails may not require as much maintenance as a traditional wood decking, but you still want to inspect the support structure below. After repairing your deck, you need to wash it clean of any dirt and mildew.

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva breathes new life into a weather-beaten wood deck. Somewhat easy, the work is a bit tedious, but not all that difficult. Required Tools. Shopping List. Want to hire 2-Pack Dan-O Paint Mixer for Drills Fits Gallon and Quart Cans Non-Slip Hex Shaft with Easy Clean Paddle.

Testing the Wood. water beading on sealed deck. A water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish. Sprinkle water on the deck. If it soaks in immediately, the deck can be sealed. If the water beads up or stands on the deck, your deck may not need sealing yet.

Get educated about the latest and best non-wood deck materials that need no finishing at all, ever. Before you go further, The design ideas you'll find in Long Life Deck deliver a structure that lasts at least twice as long as decks most professional builders put up the ordinary way. No matter what size,

Clean the surface of the wood. There are several products on the market, or you can use bleach, cut half and half with warm water, and a scrub brush. This is ideal for small areas and will work wonders on algae and mildew and the like. (Straight, undiluted bleach is not advisable for a deck, and it should not sit there for any

Learn how to build and maintain a deck with deck ideas, deck cleaning tips and more with step-by-step instructions at DIYNetwork.com. If you'd like to use the space underneath your deck for storage but don't want the area to look cluttered and unattractive, install lattice walls. How to Clean a Composite Deck 5 Steps

HGTV shows you what to do — and what not to do — to keep your deck or patio looking as good as new.

How To Strip & Clean A Deck For Stain Young House Love. We considered not even attempting to strip the peeling stain off of our deck and instead try a product like Rust-oleum Restore or Behr DeckOver which We don't have much greenery worth saving around the deck, but I did it anyways.

Photo: fotosearch.com. A deck is a plein-air addition to your home. Like the space inside your residence, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to remain habitable and safe. Decks made of composites require less maintenance than wooden decks, but there's no such thing as a self-cleaning deck or a deck that lasts

No need to be afraid to stain your deck! These tips, easy to follow directions and list of tools you will need will help! Learn how to clean, prepare and stain your deck like a PRO! Click on the Photo for Directions on How to Stain a Deck for Homeowners!

From Tim: Recent repairs and improvements to the deck left it in dire need of a bit of spit and polish! So, spit and This before picture shows what I was dealing with; old wood, bad stain and new wood. At the very right Once you begin that 3 or 4 board run, you want to move along to the opposite end with no interruptions.

wood deck 3 Photo by Tommy Bahama. One of the hottest trends in building design right now is creating a space that can be considered both indoor and outdoor. To make this happen you need to find the right material that can perform in both spaces to make the transition seamless. This popular Hawaiian

Photo: Thompson's WaterSeal . Before you can enjoy months of outdoor entertaining, you need to prep your outdoor space for the wear and tear it will receive. If you have a wood deck, that means you'll want to clean and stain your deck so it looks its best and is protected from the elements. Read on to learn how to tackle

So if you're planning on spending more time outside, you might need to give it a good clean, or risk literally hitting the deck after a few outdoor wines. Here are These are chemicals derived from ammonia, but unlike that substance, are not strong bases, have no strong smell and will not burn your skin.

How to Clean, Renew and Seal a Wood Deck in One Day Ron Hazelton Online DIY Ideas & Projects.

Wipe down the deck meticulously with a scrub brush, removing all leaves, mold, and other material that has collected on the surface. If you do not have a very clean deck before sealing, the deck sealer will trap in all the elements you want removed, and your problem will be exacerbated. Remember to clear any plant or

www.askmediy.com How to clean your deck with out using a pressure washer. If you want to see some before and after shots take a look at our gallery - at our .co.uk website eco-pressure-clean. Living in Scotland we I have used the store bought but as you demo'ed it does not work all that way.