To replace the coping you first have to get to it, which means removing whatever is on top of it. Brick, pavers or stone are easy, just remove the first row, and chip up any mortar bed. If it is a finished concrete edge, or you have a concrete pool deck poured into and up to a plastic or aluminum coping, it can be

If you remove that existing concrete deck - you will interfere with the plastic coping. For those new to this - that coping is what anchors the vinyl liner to the pool structure. Also, the concrete decking is supported by steel braceing around the entire perimeter of the pool. So, if you take the concrete up -you may

If your pool is new, you can see a foam strip that is installed inside the joint when the deck was poured that separates the deck from the coping stones. That is referred to as your perimeter expansion joint. The expansion joint between the coping and the deck is typically caulked or filled with elastomeric

We just had new concrete cantilever coping poured - much to our dismay, after they broke the forms there is an ugly white plastic strip between the concrete and the tile, We have a black pool plaster, dark gray tile, and slick grey concrete coping deck - this white strip sticks out like a sore thumb. I see you

Repair the cracked rubber plastic between pool coping and sidewalk. The space between our pool coping and adjacent patio was 'grouted' with this rubber plastic just last year. It took the man about We paid $20K last summer to replaster tile the pool, coping work AND had them do come cement and deck seam repair.

Pool coping is the capstone for the beam, or the top of the pool wall, and is used to finish the pools edge and bring it up flush with the pool deck. Pre-cast Looking at the coping from the pool side, there is usually a strip of pool plaster above the tile, and below the coping, or a grout joint in between the two. This is often