Some manufacturers sheathe both sides of their SIPs with fiber cement, giving them the highest fire rating, incredible strength for extreme weather conditions, and fire resistant deck. View as slideshow. Traditional stick framing is still a safe option if you use lumber treated with a fire retardant. Available from the same

Fire Resistant Decks. The vulnerability of decks to wildfire will depend on the decking board material, any combustible materials stored under the deck or kept on the deck The closer the deck is to the ground, the harder it is to use as a storage area, but it also becomes more difficult to clean out debris that will accu- mulate.

Fire rated composite AmeraDeck decking, backyard building supplies - hardwoods, composites, cedar, ipe, redwood and much more. We ship For the best results, the tools you should use with AmeraDeck lumber include, finish nails or screws, composite deck screws, galvanized fasteners, and carbide tipped blades.

Does anyone make a fireproof deck board? A.Stephen Quarles, a University of California Cooperative Extension advisor in Richmond, Calif., responds: For truly noncombustible decking, you could use an aluminum product like AridDek (, Last-Deck (, or Lock Dry Best Practices. State:

Fire resistance rating values are important if you are building a deck made of wood or composite materials wherever you live. And you are using a composite decking board. I am going to discuss to For the rest of the country, having a fire resistant deck material is nice and always a good idea but not essential. However

Delivering industry leading PVC decking for more than 25 years, Dec-Tec offers the ideal fire resistant and waterproof decking solution. We all owe future generations our best efforts to minimize environmental impact. We must choose sustainable products and manufacturers, but we must also take a logical, educated

Using the right decking material makes a big difference in areas prone to wild fires. specify the use of decking materials that are “noncombustible,” such as steel framing and aluminum decking, or “ignition-resistant,” such as pressure-treated exterior-rated fire-retardant-treated lumber. Best Practices

Watch this video to see how different types of decking materials and combustible materials on top of the deck performed in wildfire testing. Then, make clearing the deck part of your next weekend maintenance project. Use your deck for entertaining, but remember when a wildfire threatens, move combustible deck furniture