Sometimes referred to as a Baby Threshold, Thresholds are used in situations where a hardwood or laminate floor is meeting up with a second floor of a different height. Instead of a gradual slope, like a Reducer, a Threshold has a rounded off square edge appearance. Thresholds are perfect when butting

Solid hardwood is a tough one because unlike the other materials, it expands and shrinks. Laminate and especially engineered hardwoods with a plywood core are much more stable, but they will still expand and shrink a little bit. Certainly more than tile! I'm in the middle of installing plywood core

General Uses: Used for transitioning solid 3 4" hardwood floors to lower vertical heights such as ceramic tile. Can also be used with carpeting. General Measurements: Width: 2 1 4" Height: 3 4" Lengths: 78 inches. 5. Name: Baby Threshold, Threshold General Uses: Common uses included at sliding door areas where

Whether you're installing solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, or tile the issues are all the same. You really need to plan the floor transitions As you can see in the adjacent photo, the use of a transition threshold molding is the easiest way to take care of this problem. This can occur if you install a hardwood

Thresholds between two uneven wood floors are nothing more than tapered hardwood. It's essentially a transition piece placed between the two floors inside a door jamb to prevent a lip or edge. The differences in height between the two adjoining floors is typically not more than 1 2 inch at most. You can deal with it easy

You can buy transition strips appropriate for a variety of situations from laminate flooring dealers, or you can make your own with a tablesaw and some scrap hardwood lumber. You need a reducer strip to transition from hardwood, tile or other thick materials to laminate, and T-molding to transition from materials that are the

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Discover the importance of these finishing touches and see all your options for hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl tile floors. hardwood flooring trim on a staircase - Also known as a baby threshold, this threshold molding is commonly used in doorways to finish the edge where flooring ends. It hides seams against sliding