Our durable honeycomb panels are super light weight and extremely durable. Floors: Used for camper vans and delivery trucks, our panels utilize a high-strength integrated foam core and marine grade plywood system to produce a lightweight yet effective load-bearing structure. It provides stiffness, insulating properties

Q: I'm building affordable housing from sip type panels in Latin America, tropical. I'm looking for a concrete base material recipe that is lightweight for a floor of 12' x 20' room. I plan to pour the floor after the house is erected and can use the inner walls as part of my form. The floor will have very light loads. I would like to keep

Floor graphics are a creative way to let customers and clients find out about exciting news and promotions regarding your business. Floor graphics are an eye-catching way to garner attention and market your brand. Perfect for stores, malls, offices, or other walkways with non-porous surfaces, floor graphics are a stylish and

This new thin tile is incredibly lightweight, durable, flexible, easy to cut and handle, allowing an enormous possibility of installation options, only a fraction of which mm) received an extra heavy-duty service rating and are ideal for residential and commercial floor applications with a cement base, interior and exterior wall,

The larger the sheet, the less labor it will cost to install, and because they're lightweight, large panels are still easily handled in the field. Sheet thickness. From 4 millimeters . Most panels have an exterior face that must be oriented outward to protect the panel from UV damage. Contemporary Exterior shou

Outdoor Flooring Pavers They are purchased in packages of 12 and each tile is 16 inches square. They are constructed of lightweight polypropylene, but look like authentic stone pavers. They have spikes on See More. Create your very own Hamptons-inspired backyard retreat with these simple decor ideas and tutorials

Ultra-LIghtweight The carbon fiber frame and slim design (only 77mm of depth) make these panels an ultra-lightweight solution that saves cost, and increases the safely of very large hanging screens.” Indoor Outdoor Carbon panels are perfect for indoor use because of their deep contrast, but also carry an IP65 rating