How to Use OxiClean to Wash a Deck. Build A DeckHow To BuildHow To UseHow To Make YourTo CreateWood DecksTimber DeckPatio Decks Decking. How to Build a Wooden Deck on the Ground thumbnail oxyfoaming Though originally advertised as a low maintenance material, composite decks still need to be cleaned from time to time. They get dirty and can get stains from mildew and algae. HGTV network star Jeff Wilson shows you how to clean your composite deck using Thompson's

OxiClean is a safe alternative to chemical-based bleach products, as the item is comprised of oxygen bleach that uses oxygen ions to fuel its cleaning power. When cleaning your outdoor deck, the oxygen bleach is a much better alternative than chlorine bleach as it cleans any deck surface without causing

Undo. hardworkingwoman. I am cleaning my our composite deck with spray on foaming bathroom cleaner - kills mold and mildew, so I tried it and it works amazing. The foam stays in place for a couple of minutes, its cheap and just a quick scrubbing pulls the mold off. I am using Kaboom with oxi clean - foam

There are so many different ones at the Big Box Hardware stores that I can't even think of the names. You do have to watch some if you have plants near the deck as they can kill them. I have used a strong mixture of Oxiclean and it does not seem to bother the plants as it is an oxygen bleach. My own deck

Your deck gets a lot of traffic. Muddy shoes, spilled food, and wet dogs can leave it dirty, stained, and smelly. Even a deck that's not a party platform is up against the elements—pollen, leaves, and algae all take their toll. But you needn't use a harsh, expensive deck detergent to restore it. In under half an hour, you can mix up

Equipped with little more than a power washer and a pump sprayer, he can clean and restain even the most down-at-the-heels deck in just two days. "You'll . for instructional video on deck refinishing visit or call 800-395-9488. Nonchlorine bleach: OxiClean. Orange Glo International 800-781-7529

Overall, I spend two hours every spring scrubbing power washing my composite deck and despite the grunt work, I still have blotchy colored surface. . Oxi-Clean may be better for your needs not just because it can kill mold in porous materials, but it is more environmentally friendly than chlorine bleach,