You, our TOH online community members, told us that building a retaining wall tops the summer to-do list. So we lined up the experts to help you create a sturdy and stylish structure for leveling your landscape.

Third, get a retaining wall contractor (not a landscaper) to give you an estimate. They may charge since you a consulting fee because you don't already own the house, its worth it. Most retaining wall contractors will be able to look at a wall and identify the factors that are leading to the issue, and its not

Consider the incredible terraces of ancient South American civilizations; farmers in Peru's Sacred Valley still use the area's Andinas, or agricultural terraces, to grow lush produce. A retaining wall can serve the same purpose (albeit on a much smaller scale) for your house; landscaping is much easier when you have a level

Its quite usual when you have a sloping site to need a retaining wall to make the land you build on level, or just have a flat garden. Retaining walls however are not simple structures. They have to withstand significant loads and need to be properly designed and constructed to avoid failure.

What is a retaining wall? A retaining wall is a structural feature, designed to hold up ground which would otherwise drift down (for example, to hold up a hill if you cut into the side of it). Retaining walls will generally be a part of the original building plans of your house. These walls can be major works: such as when used to