How to Make a Fence Gate. An attractive fence gate is an inviting addition to your yard, garden, or field, but it's also subject to more wear and tear than any other part of your fence. The fence gate described here is sturdy enough for

We strongly suggest that the bracing between the hinge post and f rst line post for larger and heavier rail or driveway gates should be done as shown above. The top horizontal brace (4 x 4) f t tightly between the two posts and that lag screws are placed through the post and extend at least 3” into the horizontal brace (if the

Some latches extend through the gate so that you can operate them from either side. If you have this kind of latch, you need to drill a hole for it according to the instructions supplied with it. The hinge post is more likely to sag if the gate is heavy and wide. If the opening is wider than 3 feet, it's preferable to install a two-gate

4 When installing Post & Rail style fence, leave 2 3 4" for gate hardware: 1 1 2" for hinges and 1 1 4" for latches. See Post & Rail installation instructions on page 14. 7. Fig. 9. Insert the post, pour concrete around it and tamp. Installation Instructions. When Using Aluminum Insert. Designed for use in end, hinge and latch post.

your materials, by doing a simple line drawing of how your fencing will layout, the length of each fence line, where you will Installation of your aluminum fence is relatively easy, these instructions should eliminate any guess work. If you . Attach each hinge to the gate post using three of the self-drilling screws provided.

Also called T-hinges, the primary purpose of strap hinges is to hold up heavy things such as gates and heavy doors. portion is the one that anchors it to the wall or ceiling. Installing these hinges to heavy gates and doors is a must in order to assure safety and reliability. Step 3: Attaching the Hinge. With the strap hinges

6"x6" gate hinge posts. They are bigger and heavier plus they don't bow as badly as 4"x4" posts. Three hinges per gate leaf. There are three runners on a wood privacy fence, so why not 3 hinges? Hinges are sold in pairs and most companies don't want to buy an extra pair because that is money out of their coffers.

Please see gate-installation-guide how-to-hang-your-wooden-gates.htm for more detailed information on hanging your I am going to use pintle and 12 in. strap hinges for my double gate and two single gates ( 3 ft. x 6 ft) made from redwood lumber and hinged to 4 x 4

If the fencing seems loose, screw the rail to the posts with #8 deck screws or toenail with galvanized 10d 3-inch nails. Fasten the fence boards to the new rails with #8 deck screws. 8. Replacing a rail. Replacing a rail - Repairing Maintaining Fences and Gates. Remove the fence boards from the damaged rail. Unscrew the

Follow the same instructions as per a single gate when installing the hinges for both gates. 2. To calculate the variances for the latch you must treat the fixed gate as if it were a standard fence panel. 3. The ideal hardware installation on a double gate should have equal spacing between posts and gates. 4. Install the drop