The best stain for pool decks is a penetrating semi-transparent deck stain. Look for one that has exceptional penetrating traits. Any pool deck stain is going to take a lot of abuse so try to stay away from film forming stains that stay on the surface of the wood. These will be prone to peeling and flaking due to

Concrete pool decks inevitably begin to crack. It is important to remember that with most pools, the concrete is poured over soil, which is prone to settling in areas, causing the concrete to rest unevenly on the surface and crack. Other pools, such as rooftop pool decks, are built over wood. Repairing, sealing

Another area of your home that needs waterproofing is a plywood deck. Plywood decks are an integral part of many homes and can be found in all kinds of states. Some decks are immaculate and waterproofed while others…well, they just look awful. Exposed wood is just as bad as exposed concrete. Often

ArmorGarage waterproof coating systems are designed for application over rubber, wood, concrete and tiles. Works on new or old surfaces.

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We will cover several factors that contribute to poor adhesion in detail, but if the stain does not properly stick to the wood, it will almost always peel. So we had a new pressure treated wood pool deck built last April and waited a year to stain it. Anyway, this time I purchased Behr Solid color waterproofing wood stain.