As Cyrus Sutton travels to surf, check out his living quarters - his van. Insulate with eps foam and wood- eps insulation doesn't breakdown with road vibrations and wood walls make it easy to accessories the walls with shelves and The electrician and I measured and drilled the holes for the solar panels on my roof.

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the base Sprinter cargo van is cheap to buy; the small size and light weight makes the van a good daily driver (maneuverable and fuel-efficient), able to get into tight spots in the city and outdoors; the van is small enough so that a camper interior build-out doesn't take years or cost a fortune! You probably won't need the

Cedar is also a great wood for a mobile ski cabin since it has a great reaction to humidity (and smells amazing when we boil water in the morning for tea and coffee). For the whole van, it was about 300$ to cover the walls. This is our third step in the conversion of our Sprinter van. See the two previous steps

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Portland-based Adventure Wagon sells affordable off-the-shelf van conversion sets for the Mercedes Sprinter. In order to maximize storage space in the rear gear garage, the MOAB bed is an elevated three-panel folding bed that secures to supports on the interior van walls. L-track strips on the wall make

There are a lot of steps required to convert a Mercedes Sprinter Van into a working Office or RV setup. Here are the items we used to make the new interior walls in our Sprinter Van Conversion: 3 Sheets of These half panels in the van were easy to remove and made of a heavy duty corrugated plastic.

Sprinter Van Full build out cost https: blog sprinter-van-conversion-total-cost Full Paneling Instructions here: https: www.on

The wood paneling we did in the van is one of my favorite visual components of the van. It makes the van look and feel like a cabin in the woods. The color was really important to us when we were building it out, we had seen a lot of build outs that had dark wood and it really shrank the space. With the light

Wood. The front of all of the cabinets is reclaimed barn wood, floors are dark bamboo, and the shower floor is made of teak. If you are looking for a source of reclaimed barn wood, there are lots of sites on the web that you can source it from. I live full-time in a 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van. Get a full

I first met these two through Ashley Hutchinson and they had met Ashley because of her Bumble Beast Sprinter Van Conversion that they were following on Instagram. I was able to take a tour of their outstanding conversion that they call home everyday. Reclaimed beetle kill wood paneling is one of the most beautiful

Adventure Wagon offers a solution, though a simple, off-the-shelf van conversion that turns the Mercedes Sprinter into a versatile adventure van. is the MOAB Elevator Bed (yep, Mother Of All Beds), a three-panel folding bed for two that secures to lateral supports mounted along the interior van walls.

Rather than installing wood paneling in our campervan, we decided to use a gloss white wall panel that is basically dry erase. It's a clean, white look and makes Rather than putting a ton of screws directly into the Sprinter walls, we attached furring strips down the length of the van. We then used those to

Building the walls and ceiling in a 5 Feb 2016. I wanted to keep the inside of the van very clean and bright.. The plywood paneling that I used in the Sprinter documented above was very . 7. CEDAR WALLS AND CEILING INSTALLATION!: Sprinter 4 Jul 2017. Progress Update 7 of my sprinter van camper conversion. Thanks

Click here to catch up on the full story of my Sprinter camper van conversion. some sort of plastic-based layer -- I had even purchased some thin plastic sheeting from with the intention of glueing it over a wood surface. My enlisted help giving me an assist with attaching the wall panels.

Some quick internet research (thank you Sprinter Forum!), and a garden hose test I found that the water was leaking in from the plastic trim clips. According to the Sprinter Forum, this is a common issue dating back to the 2006 and earlier Sprinter vans. This ridiculous (and unresolved) quality control