Each 3D panel is 19.69" x 19.69" Each box comes with 12 3D panels. Total coverage area for each box : 32.30 sf Lightweight - 11.3 oz per panel; Comes in matte white color Paintable with any household paint Flexible and bendable over the curved wall; Durable plastic. Will not crumple over time like plant fiber (paper)

The panels are made from molded polyurethane, which makes them a favorite of DIYers. Despite having the look of real stone or brick, they're easy to cut, lift and screw into place. Curved wall design can just as easily be applied to stairway designs. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Canyon Gray. To create a

From reflective insulation and French doors to heavy-duty snow and wind upgrades, we have introduced most of the features that have made yurts tremendously popular in a Custom Curve is the first window whose beautiful structurally engineered wood framework follows the curved wall of the yurt.

Madrid manufactures curved wood. This is not a secondary process of heating and bending or scoring of plywood that leaves wood stressed or compromised. We manufacture curved wood! Using a variety off the shelf and custom molds, Madrid manufactures the simple to radical three dimensional wood elements for wall,

and finishes. Select from any of the 63 standard patterns across 40 unique finishes to bring your space from ordinary to extraordinary. MDC's custom program allows for endless design opportunities. Dimension Walls panels can be applied to flat or curved surfaces; walls, columns, ceilings and more. Textured Wall Panels

made of recycled PET processed from post-consumer plastic bottles. One Tetrapod is composed of four three dimensionally curved pieces of Plyfix , and 12 Tetrapods create a dodecahedral cell. Its strong molecular structure More information. natural stone decorative panel marble for interior fittings wall-mounted

Custom commercial wood ceilings from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions are just that: made-to-order wood ceilings in unique designs, sizes, shapes to create unique spaces.

Wall panel systems can be made in a variety of custom repeating or non-repeating shapes, including planar, curving, and dual-curving cladding. These can be c

Panels can be attached directly to walls and ceilings in forms of panels, clouds, and square or curved. Color options include standard, COLORATIONS colors, and custom Sherwin-Williams colors; Contributes to LEED credit areas including FSC certified wood; Attach to a variety of ceiling substrates; Easy to install

Sheet metal can be bent and folded in many configurations to serve a variety of functions for both roofing and siding applications. Some of the most common applications for these pieces are hip and ridge caps, gable edge treatments, wall panels, electrical enclosures and covers, HVAC ductwork, valley