Learn to protect and clean your floors. If your no-wax vinyl needs cleaning, wash it with a cleaner made specifically for no-wax floors, following the directions on the container. If you have older vinyl that requires waxing, clean it with warm 10 Easy Tips for Making Your Favorite Clothes Last Longer. If you're investing in

I just tried it on my wood laminate floors and they are streak free! the shine only lasted while wet.. honestly I despise the smell of vinegar, but it doesn't stick . I made this mixture and it really works! I have a Rubbermaide one and its exactly the same. So easy!!!! And the floors look clean and beautiful!.

Conventional floor cleaners can be toxic and bad for the environment, learn how to use natural and homemade cleaners to clean wood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl.

Laminate floors get their beautiful appearance from a photographic reproduction, which is layered inside protective plastic coatings on a supporting core of wood-based material. Even though laminate floors look like hardwood, they cannot be refinished. So it's worth your time and effort to keep them clean and free from

If you're planning to install laminate flooring in your home, this guide will let you know how to care for your investment so it lasts as long as you expect. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you'll get maximum life from your flooring, and keep it looking it's best for many years. Laminate floors are very easy to care for, but it

Here are 5 quick tips from Swiffer to take the stress out of cleaning your laminate floors! Swiffer makes cleaning laminate floors quick, easy, and fun!

Additionally, cleaning products meant specifically for hardwood flooring can be used on a regular basis for a more thorough cleaning. Simply spray the hardwood cleaning product onto your bamboo flooring and wipe up with a soft cloth. Bona Kemi makes it super easy with their Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Kit, which

Find and save ideas about Laminate flooring cleaner on Pinterest. See more ideas about Diy laminate floor cleaning, Homemade laminate floor cleaner and Laminate cleaner. Vinyl flooring is easy to install & maintain - but that's not to say it doesn't need a clean every now and then. Are you using the best mop for the job

Hardwood floors are my dream, but some of the laminate flooring options out there are amazing — and surprisingly well-priced. If you decide to go for laminate floors and invest your labor and hard-earned $2 square-foot — or even if you're renting and find yourself with laminate through no choice of your

Laminate flooring pairs the beauty of natural wood with easy, carefree maintenance. You'll get years of beautiful performance from your laminate floor with a little preparation and know-how. Basic Maintenance. Use a dust mop, soft bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner with suction only (no beater bar or with the beater bar

Discover how to clean laminate floors with a helpful video and tips on the proper tools you will need to keep your laminate flooring always looking its best. How to Clean Laminate Floors. For laminate flooring that always looks its best, follow these easy cleaning and care tips. Related To: Laminate · Floor Cleaning