Installing composite decking sometimes requires the use of special fasteners and fastening techniques designed specifically for synthetic products.

The pneumatic gun shoots hidden fasteners into the edge of composite decking to secure the decking to the floor joists while allowing for easy removal.

Watch this video to see how installing composite decking with hidden fasteners makes for a flawless look on the porch floor of this 1926 Tutor-style home.

Composite decking, available since the 1990s, is a combination of wood dust and plastic. Recycled materials typically go into it, so manufacturers promote composite decking as a green building material. Still, it tends to end up in landfills when it wears out. You can cut and fasten the boards just as you can real wood,

Need help installing composite decking? These professional installation videos will show you how to install our high quality building materials.

Green Plank solid composite decking boards not only have the appearance of genuine wood, but it can also be similarly treated. Just like genuine wooden boar

Installation differs as well. In general, first an aluminum or vinyl track is installed across the joists, and then top pieces are snapped into place. From an environmental standpoint, composite decking is considered a “green” product because it is constructed with recycled materials and is very durable. May 16, 2017 V17.3. Page 2 of 17. Important Installation Tips. Please read and follow these installation tips for a successful I.Dekk installation. All composite decking will expand and contract as temperatures change. To minimize adverse effects resulting from such changes, it is best to install deck

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