By turning an upper level deck into a roof for a lower level deck below you gain the advantage of dry outdoor storage or a place to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather conditions are less than perfect. Duradek 'Cork Natural' vinyl is a low maintenance deck surface as well as a roofing membrane to keep it dry below.

The ceiling fan has me perplexed. My concern is that water will be running down next to any electrical you install. How did you install the ceiling fan to ensure that water does not get into the electrical system. My son and I are going to put in a system very similar to what you are doing and would LOVE to add

Landscape membrane and off-the-shelf gutters keep the space below new and existing decks dry.

I am looking for suggestions as to how to keep that section of the deck - to waterproof the deck so the underdeck is dry - overtop of my basement stairwell rain proofed. But I want a consistent look of deckboards over the entire deck. I had thought about just laying the deck boards overtop of the existing vinyl

deck boards onto a deck or patio located directly beneath an upper deck. Under-deck waterproofing employs sheets, panels or special gutters that install on the joists beneath the upper deck. They don't cover up the natural wood look of the upper decking boards but divert rainwater to keep the lower deck or patio dry.

Building a inexpensive ceiling under my existing 2nd story deck. . My Shed Plans - Screw the fiberglass panels that form the under-deck roof to the purlins. . Low-Cost Deck Drainage: Landscape membrane and off-the-shelf gutters keep the space below new and existing decks dry - Professional Deck Builder Magazine.

Hello Lisa, my company has been solving problems like yours for over 17 years. The solution is a RainAway Deck Drain System. It will capture all of the water that comes through your deck and drain it away from the house- keeping your concrete living area below nice and dry. Feel free to check out our website and call if we

Under deck - enjoy the area even on rainy days This could be a way to keep the under deck area light and still keep things from falling through. Under Deck Zip-Up Ceiling and UnderDeck Systems --- Zip-UP Underdeck finishes the underside of your deck providing dry, useable outdoor living space without sacrificing