Below are some questions asked by many customers considering the purchase of our great houseboats. For more questions please Our exclusive "three deck" construction means the cabin walls are on the outside of the floor and the cabin deck is separated from both the front and rear decks. The roof is set down over the

Looking for simple houseboat building materials and ideas? There's a lot of interest in low cost houseboat building, and I have the experience with these.

Shelly Aff and Debbie Sharpe, formerly of Sharpe Houseboats, head our in-house interior design center. They both have years of experience in interior design and impeccable taste. We have a full selection of material, flooring, wall covering, counter tops and accessories. This section will cover primarily exterior features and

For the overwhelming majority of us, cold weather has set in and with it comes some unwelcome concerns. In this issue I want to address a few problems and make some suggestions for dealing with them. Exterior Walls. Let's start with existing exterior caulking and areas where there most likely isn't any. Your houseboat's

Framing is gratifyingly dramatic, with all the walls up, and a start on the exterior plywood. A stalwart crew showed up for the week of July 4, hoisting roof beams and toting heavy stuff. “I'll be satisfied if we get enough of a top deck on to sit up there and watch the town's fireworks,” said Bert, our #1 son and assistant boatwright.

Maximizing space is what houseboat and floating home design is all about. Such structures This also brings more light into various parts of the home and adds character to the exterior. Omitting interior walls also expands a small space, and high ceilings with high windows stretch a space vertically.

PRORETA 12 houseboat. All walls, ceilings and floors are at least insulated with 2.2'' 60 mm RexWall hard foam. Exterior cover with weather resistant plastic bottom; Construction RexWall 70mm insulated FRP high-gloss sandwich; Central air heating; optional tele control; Ventilation system, automatic draft valves

They didn't just want to look at “houseboats for sale” on the web, they wanted to build their own. They like to say they are building a “shantyboat.” You might argue about whether they are building a small houseboat or building a shantyboat or building a riverboat, but you can't argue about the high quality of construction or

Houseboats are 'legends of lagoons'. Once used for carrying rice and spices from inland village to towns, they reflect Kerala's culture and traditions. The entire luggage was covered with bamboo and the boats were held together with coir knots only and hence the name 'Kettuvallam' 'Boat with Knots'. The entire boat is

The Houseboat is tar-black, sitting on a weathered sea wall. The solid base is made from roughcast concrete, and contains the bedrooms, tightly packed as in the hold of a ship. The master bedroom sits on the entrance level, with further rooms a half-level down. The hallway looks up to the light, and to the three-storey arch

A single wall spirals from the boat's exterior to the interior dividing the space: rooms for public use form the outermost part of the interior, while bedrooms Another Waterstudio construction, this split-level, three-story houseboat in a residential area east of Amsterdam has simple lines that create a clean,

I see that they make composite panels in a wide variety of shades and colors. Price wise, it's probably more money than the typical standard exterior wall construction materials presently used, however when you factor in all the benefits and advantages, I'm sure in the long run, cost wise, just the life span of composite panels

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast looking to build an efficient tiny home to live off the grid or are having an upscale houseboat professionally built you can shower wall panels and finish with the glass enclosure) to show ways to add style to a tiny home or houseboat shower…without busting your budget.

Different agencies were part of not only the design and the construction but also the demolition of the existing house and transportation of the new The exterior walls and the roof were designed with the maximum insulation thickness for the structure which exceeds the energy code requirements at R- 38

2. also, as this is my first and only houseboat what exterior material would be used on the side walls for the boat. thanks for any i found the information online. we are going to use an epoxy resin and fiberglass to build the walls as one piece with a normal wood and steel framed wall. the roof is going to

Most of the cabins have 15mm-thick MDF walls, and are built to hold a mattress and little else, with as many squeezed on as possible. Dampness permeates everything, not helped by the old carpet used as makeshift insulation on the exterior walls, which quickly accrues mould. The smokeless fuel used in

Team: Architects: KDF Architecture and Conard Ramano Architects, builders: G Little Construction; interior design: Doug Rasar Interiors. Size: About 1,500 square feet (139 square meters), 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms. A nautical porthole window paired with poplar bark siding gives the floating house a very interesting exterior.

At the houseboats stern build a low wall to be able to mount an outboard motor. Stud framing with marine plywood on both sides will work as a transom for the motor. When you have finished the framing cover the exterior of it with marine plywood caulking all the cracks with waterproof sealant. Remember to add any fittings