Revolutionary PLAS-TEX Wall Panels provide a logical alternative to fiberglass when the wall needs to be waterproof, sanitary, durable, and easy to clean. PLAS-TEX helps you build green because it's made totally of recycled plastic and any scrap can be recycled. PLAS-TEX wall coverings go up fast and easy with

Basement waterproofing involves techniques and materials used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a house or a building. Waterproofing a basement that is below ground level can require the application of sealant materials, the installation of drains and sump pumps, and more.

Moisture below the slab can wick up into the concrete and get to the base plates of the wall. So, moisture can and will get inside the wall. as protection for your waterproofing also; Waterproof the outside of the foundation wall don't just use the code minimum damproofing; Consider installing an interior

Remove rigid foam insulation if you see patches of black mildew or mold growth, or if you suspect that water may have leaked behind the insulation and contacted the studs and horizontal wall plates at the floor or ceiling. Light rain damage may not make it inside the wall cavity, and many interior walls do not even contain

Learn about the variety of basement waterproofing products and systems with this guide from HGTV. Acrylic coating can be used as a sealant for the interior of a basement or on the exterior of a home that has foundation walls that are above ground. .. Their sealer panels cover cracks and defects in basement walls.

steps for sealing your interior brick. Whatever stains are on the wall prior to sealing will be “locked” into the surface once the sealer has cured, so it is important that the wall looks the way you want When applying by brush and roller, choose a roller cover with a heavy nap to easily coat the mortar joints.

Interior basement waterproofing: Cement repair floor · Get yourself a tube, make sure your crack is swept, vacuumed, and dry, and pump it in. You can smooth excess out, but I didn't bother with aesthetics since I was planning to cover all cracks with dry wall, carpeting, etc. Point here is to make sure you

It is the patent pending technical wallpaper for bathrooms, showers and damp spaces that combines the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of A graphic continuum between interior and exterior which overcomes architectural barriers and creates a single large open space.

But you brush, roll, or spray it on much more thickly — one gallon covers just 75 square feet, not the 300 square feet typical with standard paint. Waterproof paint is fine for Plastic sheets and panels are suitable as wall waterproofing only in combination with interior basement drainage systems. They don't stop water from

Here are some pointers from our pros, plus some top mildew-resistant paints from our interior paint tests. Use a new color. Paint manufacturer websites often have tools that allow you to download a photo of your room, then select wall colors until you find a look you love. Think about the vanity, too, and

Geo-panel is a range of PVC interior decorative panelling which provides developers and installers with a stylish, modern and convenient product. Geo-panel is a cost-effective and practical alternative to tiling and other conventional materials. It provides a smooth, decorative and waterproof wall covering for new and

Which wall coverings work best in bathrooms, considering your need both for functionality and appearance? Learn more. Bathroom remodeling: after doing the shower tub, counter, cabinetry, and floors, now you have to think about wall covering, too? Why not It Is, 100% waterproof wallpaper. Pro, Easy

MM Systems is a world leader in expansion joint technology. For architectural interior floor, roof and walls and exterior waterproof parking structures and decks, our expansion joints exceed performance expectations.