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1 -. Promoting Sustainable Biomass Energy Production and. Modern Bio-energy Technologies in Sri Lanka. SRI LANKA. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT FACILITY. PROJECT .. Fuel wood includes wood harvested from main stems, branches and other parts of trees coming from plantations, live fences and other hedge rows:.

Image, 'Buddha in front of wood fence,' by Harminder Dhesi, 2010. CC License. Thanks to its promotion by figures from Hollywood (Richard Gere) and Silicon Valley (Steve Jobs), Buddhism in the West presents a 'peaceful' face. Yet Christians in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka, as well as other minority

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The Bogoda Wooden Bridge was built in the 16th century during the Dambadeniya era. This is said to be the oldest surviving wooden bridge in Sri Lanka. The bridge is situated at 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) west of Badulla. All parts of this bridge were constructed from wood, including the use of wooden nails as fixing material.

Private property owners who share side or rear fences are each responsible for half the cost and maintenance of a basic urban fence. The basic urban fence is 1.5m high and made of hardwood palings. Other fence types can be erected if allowed and neighbours agree on the design and cost beforehand.

Biomass Group is developing gliricidia as an energy resource in rural Si Lanka. Gliricidia is a fast-growing, short-rotation nitrogen-fixing tree that is found growing wild throughout Sri Lanka, and which is grown by plantations as a shade tree and soil improver and by smallholders for “live fencing”, support for

After a few weeks of getting oriented and familiarized with our Sri Lankan village life, we began work on our home garden plant nursery. For us, the nursery will be one .. The plants we know boars and other animals (mostly goona, or wild deer) like to eat go in the tall, chain-link fence. The other plants that

Sri Lanka makes such a beautiful escape, combining beaches, rainforest, and wildlife with the clash of its ancient and colonial past. The luxury experience of the island centres around nature, tranquility and design inspired by the legacy of the Dutch, British and Portuguese. The biggest learning from our

Rainco is a paramount brand in the south Asian region, with presence in India, china and Srilanka, in the provision of shelter, protection and care with over 6 manufacturing facilities and workforce of 1600 in the Wood finishes for your exterior solid wood profiles such as decking, fences, garden furniture and facades.