Stainless Steel Pontoon Boat Deck Screw Secure your new pontoon boat deck with confidence and ease with our 2” (in) Stainless Steel Pontoon Deck Screws. You will want to space each pontoon deck screw approx 12 - 16" apart and drill them into your deck and aluminum cross channels. While installing, we highly

Pontoon boat decking is usually constructed of marine plywood screwed to the aluminum deck beams and covered with marine carpet. The bottom of the decking is Remove the fasteners holding the decking to the deck beams, using a drill motor and screwdriver tip or nut-driver tip. Remove the decking from the boat. 4.

And the deck? Fresh from the cut-and-grind booth it looks like Swiss cheese. There are holes for cleats, tow eyes, grab handles, speakers, lights and more. And that's on a brand-new boat. Why should you fear drilling one or two more? Well, because problems can happen when good holes go bad. We've

You night not believe it, but I am one of those guys that really doesn't like drilling holes in my boats, cars or motorcycles, yet I like modifying almost everything I own. I bought a brand new Catalina 22 Capri sailboat and owned it for 10 years and refused to put anything through the hull or onto the deck if it meant drilling holes.

This isn't a cheap method either, but much easier because no drilling is needed. Remove the carpet and decking to expose the pontoon frame. We bought our carpeting through an online marine carpeting retailer. But you can get numerous types, colors, price points and qualities at just about any DIY big-box store or carpet

5 16” Drill Bit. Pencil. B. C. D. E. A. Figure A-1. PONTOON DECK MOUNT ADAPTER PLATE. INSTRUCTIONS. CLEARANCE: Turn and tilt the outboard motor all the way in the direction of the. Power-Pole shallow water anchor. Move the anchor and outboard motor through their entire range of motion to verify clearance.

Incredibly strong, 2" self-tapping pontoon deck screws with 5 8" Phillips head. Xylan coated steel deck screws can be used in any environment and will not corrode. These heavy duty fasteners are strong enough to drill through plywood and aluminum cross bars. (100) coated deck screws per kit. Question: How do I use

I am in the process of replacing the deck on a 20' pontoon boat. I will be The deck will be covered on the topside with marine carpet and it will be stored outside year round. At the dock Drill holes for cables, braces, carpet snaps and any thing else that will have to cut or put a hole in the wood . This is

Pontoon boats maintain their buoyancy by means of air-filled aluminum pontoons placed beneath the deck. These types of boats are great for Drill additional rivet holes through the patch, approximately 1 2 inch away from the outside edge and into the pontoon to strengthen the patch. Hammer the snap rivets into place.

A test on Teks self drilling screws to determine usefulness in securing my decking to to the boat framing and aluminum seats.