grade plywood with a minimum thickness of 3 4" when using 1 4" WonderBoard Lite. When using. 7 16" WonderBoard Lite, base should be a minimum of 5 8" thick. The total wood subfloor including the plywood and WonderBoard Lite should be a minimum of 1" thick. 2 Ensure the subfloor is structurally sound and clear of.

1 4" (6 mm) WonderBoard is a glass-mesh, cement backerboard. Remains stable while increasing in strength, even when exposed to continuous moisture, reducing potential damage from moisture penetration. Reduces subfloor modifications to adjacent floors, thresholds, carpets and cabinets. Tapeless installation on open

Photo of someone installing a tile backsplash by BanksPhotos Permabase is National Gypsum's product and it is very much like WonderBoard from Custom Building Products. Both of these That equates to 36 pounds for the lighter weight Durock and 45 pounds for the WonderBoard.

Wonderboard. Custom Building Products. WonderBoard is now called WonderBoard Lite and is 20% lighter than its previous iteration. But is this change In 12 years of tearing out old tile and rotten drywall, I've never seen a tile installation over cement backer boards fail, and I've never had a customer

that was installed in showers and tub surrounds. Simple as say. Why rip out part of the tile and wallboard Durock , Wonderboard and the rest of the cementitious backer units are indeed more expensive and a decks, which are only a small portion of the total area of a bathroom. In other words, installing a CBU in some

WonderBoard is a concrete backerboard made by Custom Building Products. The company also produces WonderBoard Lite, which it says is 20 percent lighter in weight. Unlike drywall,

Nov 1, 1997 Jackie Wright of Custom Building Products (, makers of another cement backerboard product called Wonderboard, told me that it makes no difference which side of their product faces out. She added that installing some sheets with the rough side out and some with

The first step to a successful tile installation is proper surface preparation. WonderBoard Lite provides a stable, flat and level underlayment that protects your investment in tile or stone. It's moisture-resistant for use in wet areas, and can be installed indoors or out. Use ¼-inch thick WonderBoard Lite for crack

Rock-On screws: Cement board screws designed for attached Durock , Wonderboard cement board. Low Profile installation. The washer head design presses flush against any material surface. The Cabinet screw can also be used for light duty framing applications where a smaller diameter shank is necessary, yet

For a proper tile installation you need a proper substrate. One of the most readily available are cement backerboards. These include products such as Hardiebacker, Durock, Fiberboard, wonderboard and a host of others. When properly installed on your floor it is an ideal tile substrate for a quality and lasting installation.

WonderBoard Lite. Surface Preparation. Look for this icon on products that qualify for a. Lifetime Warranty. Over Wood Subfloor. For best results, be sure plywood subfloor panels are gapped 1 8" at seams. If plywood is not gapped, saw cut joints all the way through the plywood sheets. Keep joints free of mortar. 1 Subfloor

Newbie lurking here for a little over a month. So please be gentle :bonk: :D Thanks for all the advice in advance. I'm wanting to remodel my kitchen, which HAS existing tile and no cracks so far and I know for a fact that this floor is already at least 9 years old if not more. Part 1 deflecto. I've play with the