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I need landscape timbers for a few projects. I have checked and Lowes and all they have are treated. I need untreated timbers. Also the ones at the HD and Lowes are pretty poor quality, I.

Timbers are beams posts that are typically larger than 4×6 in dimension. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be special ordered in any exact size you may care to specify given the necessary lead times. Timbers are generally available locally in various grades of Douglas Fir, with Redwood,

In recent years, wooden railroad ties have also become popular for gardening and landscaping, both in creating retaining walls and raised-bed gardens, and sometimes for building steps as well. Traditionally, the ties sold for this purpose are decommissioned ties taken from rail lines when replaced with new ties, and their

Natural timbers are made of wood, the most common of which are redwood and cedar. Treated wood is the most common type of landscape timber in the U.S. The logs are treated with oil-based preservatives that help stave off mold, fungi and damage from exposure to moisture, sun and air. Untreated

2-3 4 In x 3-1 2 In x 8 Ft; Same size as traditional Landscape Timbers; No chemical preservative treatment; Popularly used by truckers for flatbed loads. NOTE: This item is not available for shipping. Stocking Data is current as of 12 30 2017 8:01:01 PM CT. Cox Part Number (SKU):. LSTU. Brand: Multiple LBM Sources.