Recycled paper mirror, 'Moon Journal' - Enviroart Recycled Paper Mirror with Frame Brazil. Moon JournalEnviroart Recycled Paper Mirror with Frame Brazil. $122.99. Wood wall art, 'Brazilian Pride' - Brazilian Flag on Artisan Crafted Signed Wall. Brazilian PrideBrazilian Flag on Artisan Crafted Signed Wall Art Panel. $49.99.

This awkwardly designed home in São Paulo, Brazil, had a similar story. Custom Custom wooden divider cleverly designed to conceal rooms Dining room As well as their duty to create privacy, these wall panels also make the apartment feel more warm and cozy.

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jacobsen arquitetura has completed 'GAF house', an L-shaped property clad with alternating timber panels that ensures privacy for a couple and their three children. located in são paulo, brazil, the dwelling's living spaces on the ground floor remain open to a secluded yet spacious garden that captures

mareines patalano's mopi school clad with transparent leaf-like panels in brazil image leonardo finotti. brazilian firm mareines patalano arquitetura has completed the 'mopi primary school' in rio de janiero, brazil. situated in a leafy area of the brazilian city, the characteristic façade was derived from

Dark brown-red wood grain modern wall panel made of high quality Italian laminate. Easy to install custom wall panel to modernize an exotic contemporary house, resort hotel lobby, reception area or office walls—a designer wall panel to love.

Emporio Baglione is a restaurant in a trendy and nice neighborhood. The entrance was designed as a continuation of the promenade as a square of

The finish itself can be matte or glossy, and the exposed surface can be either smooth or brushed to accentuate the genuine wooden texture. So far, the manufacturing range of the company comprises wall and ceiling panels from oak, ash tree, Brazil nut tree, maple and birch in different shapes and patterns. Company also