A high-quality deck can provide you with an attractive outdoor entertaining area, that also increases the overall value of your home. At the same time In the past many people were troubled by choosing between wood decks and fences or ones that were made from vinyl, composite, or other artificial materials. Some people

If you're planning on installing a deck or fence in the near future, or if it is time to upgrade your current installation, you've got a decision to make. Will you go with traditional timber, or will you choose composite materials? Both of these options have their share of benefits and drawbacks. Read on to learn what you need to

Graffiti is a common problem in many areas, and fences are tempting "canvasses" for those who enjoy spray painting their "art" in public places. If your business or organization's fence has been vandalized by graffiti, then you should know how to clean it. Methods for removing graffiti vary depending upon the type of material

If not contact us with your question and we will be happy to answer. Do I need to treat my newly installed wood fence with any type of water sealer or stain? No, it is In most instances, the normal weathering process for composite decking materials means it will fade about 15 to 20% of its original color over time. However

IF TREX FENCING IS MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS, WHY IS IT MORE EXPENSIVE THAN WOOD? Over the life of your fence, those reduced maintenance costs add up to a greater value than wood not to mention the value of all the time you get to spend enjoying your fence rather than working on it. WHAT IS

Another plus: hungry pests won't see the synthetic vinyl composite material as dinner. Starting at about $30 per foot, though, vinyl fencing will increase your budget. ALUMINUM FENCE. If privacy isn't a concern, but security of pets or children is, this might be a good choice for you. If you want a fence that

composite fencing looks like traditional wood fencing but performs likes a modern composite -- meaning you'll never need to paint, stain or replace a cracked, If you don't want to have to repaint or restain your fence every couple of years, look into using a composite fencing product like this one from .

Choose from composite fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, and vinyl fence materials, based on your prefernces for look and maintenance. cracking, or splitting if not maintained properly; Vinyl fence -allows variety of designs and colors, withstands weather elements, and features low maintenance, while continuing to

Fence Material Choices. If you have a picture of your new fence in mind, then you probably have an idea of what material you'd like build it with. Composite Wood. Made of molded plastic and wood fibers and looks the most like real wood compared to vinyl fencing. TREX, known for decking, is a common composite fence

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The picket fence is an ideal that stands as an iconic part of Americana. If it was good enough for Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, it should work for your home. The beauty of the material is that it works with just about any landscape. That's because you can find many different styles and shapes of wood. Combined with a

If you're planning on putting up a fence around a pool, be sure to check if your composite material can withstand chlorinated water, as many composite fences can be stained if splashed on. Furthermore, because the surfaces of the composite materials are nonporous, it's difficult to paint. If you find that after

Before building an enclosure for your property, consider these 9 popular materials to find the type of fence best for your needs and budget. If you choose to build a fence from cedar, it's recommended to install in a concrete base or secure to fence posts that are treated wood. Even so, the Fence Types - Composite.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, long lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to wood, you can go with some of the new composite materials available to construct your fence or deck. There are now two different kinds of beautiful, affordable composite decking available for you to choose from, when building your

That's because wants you to spend time enjoying your fence…not just working on it. If you're considering Fencing, contact the experts in composite fencing materials at Stonehenge Fence. Our experienced installers are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, so you can rest assured that we'll install your

If you have a big, strong, energetic dog, you should think carefully about the type of fence you need before adding it to your yard. The trick is to find a fence is also a strong dog. High-quality wood and vinyl or composite materials can resist charging and chewing better than cheaper, lower end materials.

A composite fence is made up of many different materials, instead of a wood fence or a vinyl fence, which uses only one material. But what's so great about a . If you've done your research on composite fencing, you know that it is the most expensive fencing material. But if you've really done your