Upholstery and vinyls found on boats. These need to be cleaned several times a season—but if you use the wrong type of cleaner, you can accidentally destroy the materials in a single season. Brightwork, which includes all wood surfaces and trims that are exposed to UV rays. They require quite a bit of

Hello, I would like to get a few opinions on what type of wood planking and finish to use on the deck of an open skiff. The boat is used in fresh water for fishing and beach hoping. The boat and does not get a lot of attention till winter. The skiff is a plank and frame construction and I would like to keep this

Boat Builders. belkov bow deck. J. Gibson McIlvain is one of the largest importers of high quality FEQ (First European Quality) Teak in the United States. We will gladly discuss you with you the pros and cons of the different woods for your particular light craft kit, and we can ship your selected wood in bulk directly to your

Reza, After I set the stringers to the floor using the epoxy peanut butter, I raped the stringers with fiberglass to the boat hull, overlapping the fiberglass . are having trouble repairing seats for the boat that someone came in with because we don't know the original dimensions of the plywood under the fabric.

Hey guys I'm looking to extend my deck on my job boat. I was on Tinboats.net and people were saying not to use treated wood on aluminum boats. I didn't know for sure what to use or how to treat it then, I'm planing on putting carpet too. . I'm trying to add a few feet to the deck up front. Lowes has marine ply

Thousands of species of wood grow throughout the world. Boat building requires a certain wood that has characteristics suitable for a marine environment. Boat building wood can

Floors are support members oriented perpendicular to the long axis of the hull. They are there for a variety of reasons. They stiffen unsupported flatter hull panels in the same way that ribs or beams are used to provide the structural framework for wooden boats. They support cockpit and cabin soles, and they distribute high

If you decide to replace wood on your boat with the same species, to match grain and color, don't assume the wood is teak (or oak). Iroko and Rhodesian teak not a true teak but a much tougher wood are two common teak substitutes. Similarly, spruce, pine, and fir are frequently graded as equivalent in

Types of Boat Deck Sealants and Their Uses Finishing Wooden Boat Decks. Well-maintained wooden decks not only enhance a vessel's appearance, they also help to provide a safe working environment, particularly on sailboats. Maintaining wood decks, especially those of teak or mahogany, can be a real challenge, both

We use the same lumber as in the original boat, so our Riva customers do not have to pay for materials to be shipped from Europe. When restoring a Riva, we take great care in choosing the wood. Using the same type of materials as in the original boat, the deck ply is manufactured in-house to exact specifications.

The Advantages of CCA-Treated Plywood and Why You Have to Have It. When remodeling or restoring a pontoon boat, you face some decisions. Much like the foundation of a house, the type of material you use for the base of the deck of your pontoon boat is the foundation of your entire pontoon boat. Although there are a