The Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) is an innovative building system that saves builders time and creates comfortable living areas that enhance a home's value. A PWF system consists of load-bearing wall systems framed with pressure-treated lumber and sheathed with pressure-treated plywood. PWFs are suitable for

The Permanent Wood Foundation is a load-bearing wood-frame wall system designed for both above and below-grade use as a foundation for light frame construction. The PWF specifications are based on information developed cooperatively by the wood products industry and the U.S. Forest Service, with the advice and

My problem with the wood foundations was never one concerning engineering. I was convinced a properly constructed wood foundation could easily act as a retaining wall against all soil pressures that were trying to push it over. Wood shoring has been used for years to protect workmen who install piping in deep trenches

While traditional basement walls are made from masonry materials such as concrete or stone, inspectors should be prepared to encounter permanent wood foundations (PWFs). When pressure-treated wood was developed in the 1960s, it became possible for wood to be used in foundation walls without being prohibitively

Wood Foundations. R402.1 Wood foundations. Wood foundation systems shall be designed and installed in accordance with the provisions of this code. R402.1.1 Fasteners. Fasteners used below grade to attach plywood to the exterior side of exterior basement or crawlspace wall studs, or fasteners used in knee wall

Another home inspector who attended the seminar said it best: "I was worried about wood foundations before I took this class but now I'm terrified." I've been turned in to a big fan of wood foundations, but now I'm also pretty sure that about 99% of the wood foundations get built wrong.

the basement foundation wall is deflected downward to the gravel drainage system by polyethylene sheeting, or by the treated plywood wall itself. The result is a dry basement space that is readily insulated and finished for maximum comfort and conservation of energy, utility, and use of space. Wood foundation sections of

Strength is simply a matter of following the guidelines laid out in the wood foundation manual put out by the Southern Pine Council. Framing member widths and spacing as well as sheathing thickness depend mostly on backfill height. The deeper into the ground, the stronger the wall needs to be. In our example, 2x8s are

Case study follows the construction sequence of building a home on a Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) system. Site preparation, drainage, basement walls and w

You do that by having a positive slope away from the foundation (dirt, concrete slabs etc. should slope away from the foundation wall NOT towards it); I can honestly say that I have seen less than five failed foundations built with wood. What's common with all of them has been excessive negative grade