Ask the manufacturer whether they use acrylic modifiers. These increase the strength and flexibility of vinyl fence for maximum impact resistance. Engineered for durability; Look for a tongue-and-groove positive locking system, which helps vinyl fence stand tall during heavy winds. Some vinyl railing systems also have a

PVC Vinyl Fences. Vinyl fence is significantly superior in appearance, performance and durability when compared to other traditional fence materials. The base ingredient in this fence is rigid Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride) modified to provide superior impact strength and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. Our product is engineered to

Each Everlast premium vinyl fence contains impact modifiers that increase the fence's strength and prevent breaking. While our products will break when enough force is applied, our impact modifiers exist in precisely engineered amounts to create the greatest impact resistance available. Ultimately, the impact modifiers

Since color is consistent throughout a piece of vinyl, scratches will not show like they would on painted wood or metal. Other additives and modifiers from the manufacturing process give vinyl fences impact resistance, durability, and protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Indeed, since its introduction to the fencing industry in

Because these fences are sturdy and impact-resistant, vinyl fencing can protect your yard against larger animals without becoming damaged or needing to be replaced. Height. A standard fence is usually six feet tall. Vinyl fences can be built as tall as twelve feet, which will keep out animals that can jump or

Vinyl fence lines are easy to install and built to last a lifetime. Choose from a variety of styles and colors and then accent your fence with our many accessories including gates, walkways and high-end latching systems. The highly durable, highly impact resistant materials of vinyl make Geo Brothers fencing the perfect choice

This can be a key factor in keeping animals out of your yard, especially larger animals that could potentially do damage to your fence. Vinyl fences are extremely strong and impact-resistant, making them excellent for animal protection. Second, vinyl fences can be built very tall to help avoid jumping and climbing animals.

Complete installation instructions come with each order. Are Bufftech PVC Vinyl Fences Strong? Every Bufftech vinyl fence is designed and manufactured to stand up under tough weather conditions. The vinyl components include impact modifiers and plasticizers that make the fence components more flexible and resistant

While it is a great alternative solution to wood (or cedar) fencing and has the advantages of never changing color or rotting, it is not as durable as wood- particularly in the cold winter months of Maine. Compared to wood fencing, vinyl is not very impact resistant making it not the ideal choice for areas near driveways, parking

Find answers to your questions about PVC fence, decking and accessories from Ranch Life Plastics. Q. What is vinyl? A. A predetermined mixture of polyvinyl chloride, stabilizers, colorants, UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. A. While not graffiti proof, vinyl fence is very easily cleaned. In most cases, mild detergent and

excellent impact resistance in the interior substrate material. The layers are not a laminate and cannot separate. Bufftech fence is made from 100% virgin material. Is it recycled plastic? Recycled refers to consumer and post industrial mate- rials coming from the waste stream. PVC can be and is recycled. Bufftech does not

Because these materials are so flexible and sturdy, they will maintain their shape, color, and foundation through the harshest conditions and can even withstand pressure and impact. For high traffic areas, vinyl and PVC fencing are both great options.

Although PVC is the principal ingredient in vinyl fencing, other ingredients are added to give the fencing desirable properties. For example, special ingredients, called impact modifiers, are added to improve the impact resistance of the fencing. Titanium dioxide (TiO 2 ) is a white pigment that is added for long-term resistance

VEKAdeck , the reinforced cellular PVC deck board from VEKA has proven to be the alternative to wood and wood fiber plastic composite decking materials. Our patent pending PVC formulation is lighter than wood or composite materials but is highly impact resistant. VEKAdeck works similarly to other decking products,

Vinyl FAQ. Will vinyl break? Vinyl fence materials can break if subjected to a direct impact, i.e. an automobile, horse or a rock thrown from a mower. Under normal use, the However, the materials are engineered to be impact resistant with a chemical formulation that will withstand a wide range of normal use. From your

Durability and reliability beyond expectations. Vinyl fence is manufactured with state of the art co-extrusion technology so it outlasts and outperforms most other types of fencing. Engineered to be both impact and weather resistant, vinyl fence is guaranteed never to chip, peel, blister, rot or rust, saving the expense of painting

High flow injection molding compounds are designed for easy processing in both fencing and fence cap applications. Highly impact resistant, these compounds come in pellet form with a wide range of color options. AuroraShield PVC acrylic alloy capstock compounds provide the easy processability of rigid PVC and the

PVC fence can add beauty to your property and give your farm the appearance of excellence for years to come. Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and has UV stabilizers in them so they will not discolor or fade over time. Our 5" vinyl horse fence post caps are easy to maintain and are impact and weather resistant.

Any fence will break when enough force is applied. However, Digger Specialties, Inc. polyvinyl (PVC) profiles are formulated using only the highest quality impact modifiers in precisely engineered amounts to ensure the greatest impact resistance available. Our polyvinyl (PVC)