Install 55ft of 6ft wood Privacy fence. Clean and Spoke to corporate and they want to charge me to raise the fence to the proper height. Do not hire lowes. The reason I gave Lowes my fence business is because they install carpet for an apartment complex that I own. I never had a problem with the carpet contractors.

Fencing: How much does it cost?!? That's a lot of money, but for fencing our whole yard and not having to do it ourselves we learned that's an excellent price. By installing this fence, we are actually expanding the “backyard” by enclosing our large side yards as well and adding a lot of privacy, too.

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Lowe's Fence Installation. Columbus 9-26-17- I notified (Lowe's Store Manager) that my fence install was not completed and I was deceived my . . This solid stone sink and counter top cost a lot of money and I resent that I'm now being made to use something that really really does not work.

How Much Does Vinyl Or Pvc Fencing Cost To Install? National The cost of supplies usually falls between $20 per linear foot for a picket fence to $40 per linear foot for a privacy fence. Labor may cost Vinyl picket fences tend to be quite short, which means that they may not provide all of the privacy that residents require.

We would like to fence in our back yard with 6' x 8' wood fence panels (I would guess using 4" x4" posts). Overall cost is some consideration. . Most of the bad news had to do with having HD or Lowes be the middle person between you and whoever they get to show up at your house to do the work.

An anonymous reader who once worked installing as an installer for Lowe's shared some very helpful advice with us: you probably shouldn't go to a big-box store for your I installed everything; decks, fencing, roofs, gutters, siding, windows and doors. She responded “oh, what can you do to help us?