We have to build a retaining wall in our backyard. Our home's foundation is exposed and we are losing our backyard. How does concrete measure up to wood in durability, appearance, and cost? Can a do-it-yourselfer handle this project? We live in mid-Michigan. Jay J. 04:31PM 06 05 01. Member Since:

Further, the color and the overall texture of wooden retaining walls made from aged timber adds a more natural appeal to the yard or the garden space. overall construction costs, concrete retaining walls are outrightly more expensive but these issues seem trivial when compared with the advantages offered by such walls.

Wood Tie retaining wall Although sometimes referred to as a railroad tie retaining wall they are rarely made from railroad ties anymore. They are simply wood ties that are fastened together to perform the duties of a retaining wall. Price: $$$$, 2 out of 4 Difficulty: , 2 out of 4. Pros: Cost A wood

A retaining wall can hold back a hillside and turn steep slopes into living space—if you pay attention to the basics. and $25 for a natural-stone wall. Preparing a troublesome site—one that includes clay soil or a natural spring, for example—can raise costs substantially. . Osmose Wood Preserving 1016 Everee Inn Rd.,

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The cost of retaining walls will always depend on the material chosen, the length of the wall and the overall height. Wood retaining walls can cost around $25 per foot, while concrete retaining walls can start $30 per square foot and any homeowner that find himself interested in using natural stone will find that those stones

Cost to Install a Retaining Wall. The price of a retaining wall depends on its size (length and height), configuration, materials used, local labor rates and features (decorative or not). Wooden retaining walls are the least expensive, averaging about $15 to $25 per square foot, including labor. Retaining walls made of poured