It's easy to personalize the look of wood fences with planters and other decorations such as stenciling patterns on the boards. Erecting a wood fence can be a great family project since it requires teamwork and a little creativity to get it done. Repairs are simple and inexpensive because all you need is a hammer, nails, and a

Fasteners are visible on these types of fences. True privacy is hard to obtain because the expansion of the material at higher temperatures requires the pickets to be gapped during installation. The gap becomes even more pronounced when the temperatures drop and the material contracts. A board-on-board (overlapping

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They cost more than wood—on average, a high-end vinyl fence will cost twice as much as one made from pressure-treated wood, and a full composite fence system 50% more—but a growing number of customers are willing to pay a premium for the reduced maintenance requirements. If you've never

When vinyl fencing hit the market it was recognized as an alternative to wood fencing that required less maintenance and had a longer lifespan. Composite fencing is a combination of recycled wood (typically chips or sawdust from mills) and recycled plastic that is made into boards similar to wood.

While traditional wood fences are prone to warp, crack and will rot over time as well as require constant maintenance, PVC will look great for many years without much attention. With wood, there's the hassle of replacing boards or staining. PVC fencing is sometimes referred to as vinyl fencing. Bufftech PVC fences are

All exterior building materials require cleaning and a deck is no different. and care for your composite decking by reading the information that applies to your decking product and get ready to enjoy maximum outdoor living with minimal maintenance. A plastic shovel may be used to remove snow from the deck.

In addition to frequent cleanings and annual Staining or sealing is an annual requirement with wood decks. sealing, you will want to check the hardware to see if anything needs to be tightened or replaced on an annual basis. Spot buffing and even occasional board replacement might be needed to prolong

Vinyl Decks. Viking Fence And Deck Vinyl Decks. Like composite decks, Vinyl decking is a great choice when maintenance is a concern. The durability and low Maintenance costs for wood can also become quite high, as pressure washing, sanding, staining and replacement of warped boards become necessary. Vinyl

Wood—the stuff of classic picket fences—is easy to work with and long lasting, but if painted or stained, it requires regular maintenance. Compared to vinyl or wood, fewer styles are available with composite fencing, whose designs are mainly limited to fence types that involve boards—privacy, shadow box, and

Follow these 10 easy care and maintenance steps to keep your composite deck looking great throughout the year. Any mat with a rubber, vinyl or latex backing could mark your deck. Although the marks can Keep debris out of gaps between the decking boards to ensure proper drainage. Dislodge

By choosing recycled plastic lumber as an alternative to composite decking, you are motivated by a desire to save forests and recycle plastic waste. cost of plastic lumber is higher, it is a more cost-efficient, long-term investment because it does not require replacement after a few years and requires minimal maintenance.