Do not buy decking timber for this, its very expensive. You need 6 planks I use the 5m long (actually 4.8M) and cut them into 1.6 M for the ends. You need a bed Dont build raised beds unless you need to, use where ground is wet,shallow,or polluted, but if you can grow directly in the ground, do that!

Creating a Wooden Planter. Pallet GardeningVegetable GardeningGardening TipsRaised Garden BedsRaised BedMy Secret GardenSecret GardensPlanter BoxesSmall Gardens. Wooden planters are attractive and easy to make. Build your own from pressure-treated timber using our practical guide, from BBC Gardeners'

It's looking a little rough here, but hopefully you get the picture of how it's fixed together. Each plank is secured onto the support timber which will sit on the inside of the bed. I used decking screws to do this. Before securing the decking into place, I gave the wood two coats of a decking stain. This one is by

So, I reached the rather surprising decision that it was best to use untreated wood, using thicker (2 inch) structural grade planks fixed together with galvanised decking screws. That way, although they will still rot, it will be a much slower process and I expect to get at least 5 years from them before I will need

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Softwood decking for the garden with a full depth raised flower bed and bench made with large 3 x 9 inch pressure treated purlin type timber incorporating a bamboo covered . Composite decking made from recycled plastics and wood reducesmaterial usage, and it eliminates use of refinishing oils and chemicals.

I couldn't find one big enough for less than £60, so I roped my old man into helping me build one. What follows is an account of our magical journey to garden planter ownership Read on and maybe one day you too could be a planter owner. Imagine that. SAFETY NOTES: This Instructable involves the use of power tools,