Teak Marine Available Online Plywood & Other Sheet Goods are available for purchase at MacBeath Hardwood.

Boat & Ship Manufacturing. Wood has been used in boat manufacturing for centuries. But the one drawback to this classic boat building material is that wood, when subjected to long-term high moisture conditions, may be susceptible to rot. Today's pressure-preservative-treated wood addresses that concern and makes

We produce custom veneers on the following backings: 10 mil paper back, 20 mil paper back, 2-ply flexible wood back, 3-ply flexible wood back, plywood and composite panels. If desired, we can produce sequenced and matched veneers on any combination of these backings to provide a consistent appearance for both

decorative panel plywood laminate Okoume Kuiper Holland - Dutch Marine Panels. Make a request. decorative panel. Okoume. The okoume plywood from Garnica is KOMO certified. The most important properties are high durability, high resistance and good surface finish, dimensional stability and easy to machine.

Welcome. Welcome to Van Styn's website. Thank you for your interest in our portfolio of high-quality products. From high-grade veneered plywood panels and (soundproof or lightweight) sandwich panels to solid wood. Regardless of purpose, whether you are in yacht building, interior design or bodywork construction, Van

Genuine Teak Lumber & Marine Plywoods available anywhere in the World.

Teak veneered plywood panels for sale at Wood-Chip Marine and Lumber. Serving Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beaches, our panels are in stock and ready for delivery.