A cladding system with concealed fasteners where the attachment screws can't be seen on the face of the panel. Geolam Natural Wood Composite Concealed Fastener A rainscreen cladding systems that can utilize either exposed fasteners with custom painted screws to match the panels or concealed fasteners.

roof or wall covering. Concealed fastener panels provide very clean lines by eliminating the need for exposed fas- teners. Concealed fastener panels are also often .. and the loads transferred to the substrate through the panel fasteners. The internal building pressure (acting outward) is resisted by the solid substrate.

We created a highly resistant PVDF outer film to give our ProdEX panels the best protection from external sources thereby creating a product which is totally Concealed: The concealed fixing system is available for both walls and ceilings. The attachment system hides behind the panel for those projects requiring an

Interior Wainscoting. Exposed or Hidden Fasteners. Popular in buildings using a natural wall panel like wood or to compliment a stone countertop or other feature, metal wainscoting is often used in rustic and ranch-style home designs. View Interior Wainscoting Options. Interior corrugated wainscot

Monarch Z Clips are an easy way to install wall panels, signs, art and elevator panels. Our removable systems are No Visible Fasteners. Concealed Wall Panel Hanging System. Monarch Clips are concealed (blind) fasteners, eliminating the need for face nails. For interior installations where a longer engagement is

MBCI offers six concealed fastener wall panels that combine elegant design with the toughness of metal. Request a quote today!

Description: 3D Decorative Wall Panels Model: 3D Decorative Wall Panels Transform your hospitality or retail space with interior and exterior design accents that set your business apart Description: Screen Walls 40% Open Area Model: Screen Walls 40% Open Area X-16 Concealed Fastener - 1 8" Hole, 3 16" Spacing.

The PAC Precision Series Horizontal Metal Wall Panels offer unmatched design flexibility by combining bold visual effects with easy, cost effective installation. Two profiles are available: The HWP has a concealed extended screw leg, while the HWPC utilizes a clip leg. The 7 8” panel depth provides a dramatic appearance

Varco Pruden also offers two liner panel options and a soffit panel for attractive under-eave cladding. For economy, Panel Rib beats wood, concrete or masonry alternatives. The Vee Rib wall panel features a V-groove pattern, semi-concealed fasteners located in the bottom of the groove, and 1-1 4" reveals.

Plywood panels, wood ceiling panels, fabric panels, sound proof panels, and maple plywood panel, synthetic panels..you name it. Any desired panel of your choice can be mounted beautifully as you desire. Concealed panel mounting system delivers a flawless finish with perfect alignment. This hidden fastener system