Offer Sheet PVC and WPC (Wood-Plastic) Panel Production Line Illustrative photograph: The production line for the processing of PVC and WPC materials is chiefly designed at the extrusion of wide panels, such as door panels, etc. WPC materials may be produced as solid foam with very low weight of the final product.

PVC WPC Wood Design Wall Panel Production line,Qingdao Zhuoya Machinery Co.,Ltd mainly manfactures PVC Imitation marble sheet machine,Plastic sheet extrusion machine,plastic profile extrusion machine, etc. Heat preservation and heat insulation 3. Anti-corrosion and durable 4. Fashion and elegance 5. Saving

The company successfully developed the PVC wood-plastic foamed plate production line. It not only has the appearance of natural wood, it overcomes short coming of wood, it has good processing ability which is similar to wood, it can be sawed and nailed. It can be finished with wood tools. Its fixed force is clearly better

WPC not only presents woody texture, beautiful and elegant outlook, but also has plastic characteristics, such as anti-acid, antiseptic, fireproof, waterproof, etc. Moreover, WPC can be totally recycled and reproduced, dramatically reducing cost and influence on the environment. Advantages of Our Production Line 1.

Learn more about PVC WPC Profile Production Line for Windows and Door Pvc profile production line, part of Qingdao Precision Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.. this machine produce building templet , cabinet door panels, windowsill, pvc window and door : corrosion, Insulation , Fireproof , Cheap consist of conical twin screw

Wood plastic composite board production line ---MG PLas provides wood plastic composite board production line and formula technology for the production of WP

Products PVC WPC Kitchen Board Production Line; From: Qingdao Canplast Machinery Co.,Ltd; Call us: 86- Sound insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation, fire self-quenching, without the risk of fire, can be used safely, moisture resistant, mildew resistant, non absorbent, shockproof, non fading,

This may explain why most of the extruded plastics or WPC boards produced have been used for deck and boardwalk surfaces, where flexibility is less important. However, recently introduced oriented wood polymer composites offer increased stiffness and flexural strength. Single-polymer systems rely on continuously

PVC WPC crust skinning foam board extrusion line adopts celuka structural foaming process technology to produce PVC board, WPC board, sheet,panel etc. building panel, which have the advantages as following: 1, Anti UV (ageing resistance), Refractory flame retardant (self-extinguishment),good insulating property,

WPC insulating covers are born with this purpose: easy to install, providing a high thermal insulation preventing heat loss and, at the same time, protecting the fans during long periods of inactivity. It is estimated, in fact, that in a barn made of insulating material (eg. sandwich panel), near the fan, strictly with

Qingdao Derma Plastic Machinery Co., ltd specialize in manufacturing pvc wpc foam board machine. 10 years of professional experiences in research and develop

Wood kitchen board sheet production line, also known as PVC wood furniture board production line, wood kitchen cabinets board production line, WPC crust foam board Insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation, fire insulation self-extinguishing, no fears of fire, can be used safely away from moisture, mildew,

wpc PVC wood plastic quick integrated wall panels extrusion production line, through the replacement of different specifications of the mold, can produce a variety of adjusting the mold ,can also produce wood plastic (PVC) the overall door, wood-plastic wall panels, PVC hollow insulation tile and other sheet extrusion.