When building a roof over outside stairs, there are several areas of construction that must be addressed, such as structural concerns for the roof: will you need 4 by 4 posts, 6 by 6 posts or will you need any posts at all? Also, you will need to decide on types of materials, size of the roof, shape of the roof and aesthetics,

An extension of your roof that covers the steps prevents rain water from rushing toward the basement door. You can enlarge the actual roof over the section of stairs, which adds visual continuity to the structure of your house because of the matching shingles. Alternatively, erecting an awning over the

maybe a strange request, but I will try to explain as simply as possible. Back of house, we have the "Dog Door". Dogs go out the door, take 2 steps to the left and go down 3 wide steps to the ground. Typically, during the winter the snow piles up on the stairs quicker than we can keep it shoveled and so it gets

I an attempting to create a roof above a staircase that runs from the ground floor up to the second floor on the exterior of a building. At the top of the stairs there is a 6x8 landing. I had no trouble creating the gabled roof over the home and this landing but cannot get the roofline to follow the line of the wall

Have you considered sprinklering the exterior? Mar 23, 17 2:49 pm. kjohnsonbickel. We don't have a roof or cover over the stair itself, so I'm not sure how we could add sprinklers at this point. Unless they were in the wall of the building and sprayed out somehow. tduds. In Oregon our exterior stairs are

Some are so steep they're nearly vertical. Some cantilever from a wall ten stories off the ground, with no handrail. Some lead to the roofs of houses, while others lead nowhere at all. These 14 sets of extreme exterior stairs add visual interest to otherwise unremarkable buildings, enable hikers to scale

This small project actually solved a big water problem. The gutter was overflowing and causing water to run down over the door. The solution was to build a s

For many years we have also been using an outside staircase to the first floor, the rain and the snow began to damage the wooden stairs and handrail so we decided to make a small roof and put the UV protective plastic on the both side, first we made a steel frame, on top we put a metal cover, are now

roof over stairs - Google Search Exterior Elegant Metal Pergola Design Ideas With Flat Top And Combine With Ceiling Fans Also Floor Tiles And Table Also Chairs Patio Designs Why Pergola Awesome Design Ideas Of Metal . i love the awnings over the windows hat match the roof house exteriors, architectural details.

Is there a way to erect a protective enclosure over the stairwell so we can use the stairs but direct the water off to the sides? Glenn Dale, Md. A: Yes, it is possible to construct an A-frame awning or roof over the stairs that will deflect water toward the sides of the stairway. However, the picture you sent shows

Our poor little house. When we need perspective in life, Kyle and I look at these photos. All this to say that when it came time to tackle another roof project, we were glad it was a substantially smaller one. One of the things on our pre-winter to-do list was to build a small roof over the basement stairs. Although

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