Price: $0.00. Ex Tax: $0.00. Qty: - OR -. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Add to Wish List. Share. Description Specification. IROKO Chloroforo excelsa. Family: Moraceae Distribution: West and East The wood nails, screws and glues well, and an excellent finish can be obtained. Uses Ship and boat building, benches,

Feel that you have made an eco-conscious decision when choosing one of the two 3D Wood cladding that support Italtile's LiveGreen ethos. The panels are made using reclaimed wood which means that your choices will be made not only in good conscious, but great taste! All wood sources are FSE certified, which means

Larch (European) LARCH - EUROPEANLarix deciduaFamily PinaceaeDistribution EuropePropertiesWorks readily with hand and machine tools, with moderate strength in all categories. It takes stain, paint or varnish well.

Impi Teak is one of South Africa's a leading suppliers of hardwood flooring and decking products. We offer a wide range of hardwood flooring and decking, and can supply custom made beams, counter tops, stair treads as well as any kind of wooden cladding. We also offer refurbishment services on all wooden products.

We supply and fit Wooden Wall Cladding. View our Wall cladding page for pictures with examples of recent work done. Contact us for Wall Cladding Prices. Libra Flooring is the leading Wooden Wall Cladding Company located in Cape Town South Africa. We supply high quality Wood Wall Cladding.

The maths is like this; typical cavity brick wall at 300mm (including plaster) less typical timber frame external wall at 150mm (including lining & cladding) equals 0.15 sq.m of floor area saved per metre of wall; multiply by 7 RM and you get 1.05 sq.m. So next time you are comparing 'sq.m rates', don't forget to