Rejuvenate Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner is the best product to use to keep your LVT and EVP floors looking their best. The pH-balance cleaner can be used on all luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tile flooring surfaces. The streak-free formula has no dulling film or residue and can be used on a daily or weekly basis to clean

Applying finish or vinyl floor sealer (after washing) will hide most small to medium scuffs. A spot-repair kit can also help. If it's a deep scratch — like a gouge, cut or dent — it is best to replace the plank or tile, which is a relatively easy process. Scuffs are similar to deep scratches because whatever is causing the scuff (i.e.

You should know how to maintain the vinyl flooring and one of this is make use a but figuring out clean ensure it lasts well beyond its do i need wax luxury flooring? If it's deep scratch like gouge, cut or dent best replace plank tile, which relatively easy process. The bottle of vinyl cleaner that you use will have

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Strong, abrasive cleaners and wired brushed scrubbing pads should not be used on vinyl plank flooring. Some vinyl plank floors may benefit from a Keep a broom and lightweight vacuum around and your vinyl plank flooring will be good to go 365 days of the year. Have you recently installed vinyl plank