RESURFACING INSTRUCTIONS FOR MELCHER RAMPS ONLY Read these instructions fully before you start. MATERIALS: A: Polyester-(fiberglass) resin and appropriate catalyst-(hardener) purchased at your local home improvement center, marina, or fiberglass shop. B: Dispenser with non-skid material. SAFETY:

The Melcher Fiberglass Ramps come in Walk Board Ramps. From 4' to 14' Length from Light Duty to Heavy Duty. Can handle heavier loads with a lighter weight.

Material handling equipment and supplies in Portland, OR including casters and wheels, hand trucks, carts, dollies, pallet jacks, dock and warehouse equipment, lifts, keg and brewery equipment, conveyors, ramps, and custom fabrication. Melcher Heavy Duty Single Fiberglass Ramps. Melcher Heavy Duty Ramps

slips in or out easily. Melcher Ramp, we have wet or dry. After. Fastens halves together provided a locking pin to thousands of hours of firmly and securely. secure the ramp to the use, if resur-facing is truck or trailer. needed, kits are available from Melcher. AMELHE sales MANUFACTURING, INC.

MELCHER Resurfacing Kit - Truck Hardware - Movers Supply House.

Choose Either a Lightweight, Heavy Duty, or. Split Auto Fiberglass Ramp Melcher Ramps are manufactured to be the highest quality fiberglass ramps on the market today. They are durable, leightweight, and strong, allowing them to be used in both the moving and trucking industries. These ramps are built with aluminum

A self storing ball locking pin secures the truck end. Melchers rock hard Agra-Grip surface coating is permanently imbedded in the ramps deck. For non slip traction in wet or dry weather. If after years of service the coating ever wears down, you can easily resurface your ramp with a simple, inexpensive surface compound kit.

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MELCHER RAMP RESURFACING KIT. Model # SK. Description: Resurface your worn Melcher ramps with a resurfacing kit. Kit includes non-skid surface material. The two-part fiberglass resin must be purchased locally at a hardware store, auto parts store, or boating supply store. You will need one gallon, plus hardener.

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