“It's about the quality and condition of the vinyl, not just the title of it. There's an art to selecting good records. ” For those unfamiliar, Record Store Day is pretty much what you'd expect: A day when fans of vinyl record albums convene in musty shacks filled with wax, filing through row upon row of records to

Outside dimensions are true 4 or 6 inches. Post sleeves are available in 3 standard colors. And now available in black! Select color below. Sold online in standard lengths. Vinyl post sleeves also available in custom cut lengths. Many varieties of post caps and trim to choose from, caps and skirts trim are sold separately.

What is the colour specification of the sleeves? What is Answer: If your order contains printed parts (ie label, sleeve), then we have to make the necessary steps to make sure that the files that you send us are suitable for printing. Answer: If you want to go for coloured vinyl, you can choose from several different colours.

If the album is originally from the 60s then the original vinyl was pretty thick, the record label looks nicely dated, might even have a street address, the jacket is thicker cardboard (unless UK Europe then it will be really thin and glossy), the sleeve will show albums from the same time period (if the sleeve has

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45 rpm singles need protecting in inner sleeves because those cool 45 picture sleeves can leave many little scratches on the vinyl over time, causing pops and skips. Choose from our Diskeeper high-density poly sleeves, paper sleeves with die-cut hole, or poly-lined paper sleeves to extend the life of your collection.

Our flagship products are our Diskeeper record sleeves, the highest quality phonograph record sleeves available anywhere. Our outer sleeves pioneered the use of polypropylene, combining the crystal clarity of Mylar with the low price of polyethylene, without Mylar's tendency to split. We also have a full line of inner

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygène (LP, Album). Label:Polydor Cat#: 2344 068. Media Condition: Media: Near Mint (NM or M-) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Very Good Plus (VG ). ORDER UP TO 3 RECORDS AND PAY ONLY €15 SHIPPING Only Serious Offers Please - Don't Abuse It . View Release Page.

used for outer jacket and inner sleeves, particularly PVC, are known to interact with vinyl records, and should be avoided. You can pick and choose your own method or combination of methods for re-sleeving records, bagging jackets and protectively packaging the associated paper products, subject only

Why choose Groove Vinyl Outer Record Sleeves? If you're anything like us, you've spent hours digging through stacks, crates, boxes and piles of albums looking for those worthy enough to add to your collection. Now, after wading through all those classical music compilations and Streisand's (sorry Babs) you're going to

So you have bought some used records at your local record shop or on the internet, and you have carefully cleaned them. Now you need to put your spotless record in an equally spotless record sleeve for protection. Which sleeve is right for you? To help direct you to the right purchase, we are offering this

[Updated July 24, 2017] A complete guide to choosing inner and outer record sleeves to protect your vinyl records. What are the best protective sleeves for my vinyl records? Which is better, paper or poly inner sleeves? Why are 3 mil. outer poly sleeves better than 1 mil. and more. Written by Bernard F. Lopez.

11 results Vinyl protective sleeves are recommended for protecting skin and clothing against fats, oils, chemicals and abrasions. Get even more performance when you choose disposable sleeves made of high-tech Tyvek or Kevlar. Tyvek sleeves provide excellent protection and repellency coupled with all-day comfort, while

First of all, to buy a record it is very important to check its condition. Vinyl records have usually been used several times before its owner put it back on sale. A cracked record cannot be used so you have to check it every time. And to do so, you have to take it out of its sleeve and to spin it to see if there is any mark, scratch or

Complete package includes lacquer mastering, 4 test pressings, standard black vinyl record pressing, black & white center labels, unprinted inner sleeves, and 12" full color jackets printed All 7" and 12" records are available in your choice of standard black, random color, or colored vinyl; For colored vinyl you can choose:

DOUBLE LP - 12" Vinyl Record Quote Generator. This is meant for those looking for a 2LP Set. Insert the number of 12" Black Vinyl. How many Black Vinyl? Price Record 1. Price Record 2. Choose a Vinyl Color . Labels, Jackets, Sleeves, etc. Labels. Standard Labels: (one color ink on one color paper)

When dealing with rare and expensive records, sometimes standard paper inner sleeves just don't cut it. If you really want to protect your vinyl in the best sleeves possible, go for the premium Mofi Master Sleeves. These imported, anti-static sleeves are similar to rice paper and feature three-ply thickness. The back

Choose from Floss Bookmark Tassels, Chainette Tassels, Vinyl Sleeves, Bookmark Inserts, & Supplies! Quanitity discounts & bulk savings on all bookmark supplies!

Choose these USDM vinyl plastic CD sleeves for a versatile option for CD and DVD storage. These sleeves are great for marketing, distribution and storage of your multimedia projects. Ultra clear vinyl allows the artwork on the disc to shine through. Vinyl also prevents against scratches and dust build-up allowing for safe

A comparison of different outer record sleeves available at Sleeve City www.sleevecityusa.com 12-inch-outer-record-sleeves-s 1880.htm. question. some of my records are 3LP and each vinyl is 180 grams do you think itll fit? only 3 of my records are like this so it doesnt really matter that much if the