Trimo creates highly efficient, sustainable and attractive architectural façade and wall systems at the highest quality. Trimo façade system on Arcadia office building in Slovenia With exceptional technical know-how combined with visual skillfulness, Trimo facade and wall systems easily adjust to your personal vision.

ALU partition walls. Cleangrad's aluminum (ALU) partition walls C-W-ALU consist of Bioquell-certified modular panel elements, which comply with all requirements for bio-decontamination processes using hydrogen peroxide. Read more >>

Damjan Kovač, a thirty-five-year old artist from Prezid, warns that the latest moves done by the Slovenian authorities with regards to the construction of a panel fence along the border could cause a potential disaster for cultural heritage. The fence around the Prezid area is being constructed right next to an

Aglas Mineral 3D Acrylic composite sheets · Find out more · Novilon. 12345. aglas brandhead. Aglas. Acrylic Materials with Excellent Mechanical Physical and Chemical Proper Find out more · alux brandhead. Alux. Natural light for improving the residential, work or public space. Read more P Find out more.

Slovenia's decision to erect metal panels and other barriers on its border with Croatia, to tackle a potential surge in refugees, will increase people-smuggling and could lead to violence, Croatian experts have said. “Having in mind that the EU now has its own border and coast guard agency, that Bulgaria

Trimo creates highly efficient, sustainable and attractive architectural wall and roof systems at the highest quality.

Variotherm Heating Systems ; Contact ; PARTNERS ; International ; Slovenia. Products · WALL HEATING COOLING Drywall · WALL HEATING COOLING Plastered · FLOOR HEATING Drywall · FLOOR HEATING Screed Floors · SKIRTING HEATING · TRENCH HEATING · CEILING COOLING HEATING Drywall.

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Riko Hiše manufactures and markets ecological and energy-saving wooden buildings. Wood is a material typical of all of Slovenia, and the love for wood is certainly most emphasized in the Ribnica region, where the RIKO wooden constructions are developed. The innovative living space solutions designed in Riko Hiše are

Decorative Stone - Rustic Wall Panel, Cultured Stone Wall Panels from Slovenia, the Details Include Pictures,Sizes,Color,Material and Origin.Price:60 15 2.5 $37.01 Square Meters. You Can Contact the Supplier - Kamnosestvo Simonic D.O.O..