It's easier than ever to find useful, affordable, and stylish recycled plastic products. Interior Designer Taniya Nayak shows you how!

Recycled Plastic Products. Image Source: Jayesh Patil Flickr. When it comes to environmentally damaging materials, plastic is definitely a serious offender. Between bags, bottles, food containers and packaging, the waste really piles up. And with so many single-use plastic products now a part of everyday

As a vertically-integrated commercial recycler, we have recycled materials to make high-quality, cost-effective recycled plastic products.

Plastics Recycling. Recycled Plastic Products. Recycled plastic is the end product of plastic recycling. It is produced in nearly every variation that new ("virgin") plastic is produced. "Buy recycled" programs are those that encourage or require consumers to purchase recycled products. In the case of plastic,

Plastic foam packaging actually is made up of more than 95% air! It cushions your TV set and protects your video game console as they move from the factory to the store to your home. What can it become? Innovative recycling programs can take foam packaging and turn it into plastic products such as insulation, picture

You've probably heard that the world is swimming in plastic waste. According to the EPA, in 2012, 32 million tons of plastic waste was generated, and only nine percent of that was recycled. But these innovative crafters are doing their part to make use of all that plastic. Turns out plastic doesn't just have to

Designed to Inspire. As a materials design and manufacturing house, Smile Plastics transforms waste materials into unique decorative panels for the architecture and design industry. Our striking products continue to inspire designers around the world. Waste made wonderful in Smile Plastics Recycled Plastic Materials

Precious Plastic is giving instructions on how to build a series of simple machines that will let makers turn plastic trash into new material.