No wonder that about 70% of all hearth products—fireplaces, inserts, and artificial log sets—now burn gas. Unlike old decorative gas fireplaces, today's gas inserts are heat-producing dynamos that use natural gas or propane to power a steady flame dancing on fake logs, decorative modern glass chips, or stones behind a

As with each of the three fireplace types, there are some rather distinctive pros and cons, and a wood burning fireplace has both the strongest pros and the biggest cons. It really is a love . Electric fireplaces are less expensive than either a wood fireplace or a gas fireplace both in installation costs and running costs. Electric

Natural Gas vs. Wood Burning Fireplaces: Pros and Cons One of the nicest places to be during the winter is in front of a fireplace. Looking into the crackling flames is an age-old human ritual that Now, folks living out in the country can just go outside and they are surrounded by this sustainable fuel. But if you live in the

Fire pits function essentially the same as outdoor fireplaces but typically cost significantly less. Natural gas and propane fueled fire pits' pros are the same. Ethanol is the environmentally friendly fuel choice, with no odor or air pollutants, but it gives off less heat than propane, wood or natural gas.

You've probably dreamed about having a fireplace in your living room, master bedroom, your outdoor living space, or even your master bathroom. Fireplaces these days are far more than a practical source of heat. That's why people not only in Vermont and Michigan want them, but people building homes

Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pit Pros and Cons. Fireplace. Can burn wood, propane or gas. Seats four to six people with an extended hearth. Requires additional seating. Provides more privacy. Blocks the wind. Can obstruct property views. More expensive than an outdoor fire pit. Requires building permits.

Fire Pits have become the focal point of patios and outdoor living spaces. There is just something about sitting around a warm fire with friends and family. When considering a fire pit, one of the first decisions to make is to whether to go with a wood burning or a gas fire pit. We have put together a list of Pros and Cons for each

If you're considering installing a fire pit in your outdoor living area one of the first questions you'll need to answer is wood-burning or gas-powered? fires, I was initially skeptical of them, but after years of installing natural gas fire pits and wood-burning fire pits I have realized the pro and cons of both types.

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The pros and cons of wood burning vs. gas-fueled outdoor fireplaces. Typical chimney and vent requirements for wood-burning outdoor fireplaces. Because of safety issues, outdoor fireplaces should be installed by a professional and built according to your local building regulations. Find outdoor fireplace products

If you're looking to add a warm and welcoming focal point to your back yard, you may want to explore the pros and cons of propane vs. natural gas for an outdoor fireplace. Both flame sources have advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately the choice will come down to your own preference, but if you keep the following

Pros and Cons of Gas, Wood, and Electric Fireplaces. Wood Burning Fireplace Pros Fireplaces have always been a delight and the most in-demand amenity. They are now more versatile than ever, since you can choose from beautiful fireplaces fueled by gas, wood, or electricity. Each has different benefits so that fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces come in four basic fuel types: natural gas, propane, wood, and gel. Each has advantages and disadvantages that are best suited to a particular outdoor lifestyle or budget. Natural gas (NG). Natural gas is the lowest-cost fuel option overall, though a natural gas-burning outdoor fireplace will require the

We weigh the pros and cons of wood burning and gas fireplaces when it comes to difficulty of user, cost, maintenance and experience.

Outdoor Fire Pit Types. This article discusses the different types of outdoor fire pits and pros and cons of each fire pit type - Some Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplaces will also come with a lift tool to remove the fire dome or spark guard screen or a poker for tending to the fire. Getting the fire started in

Get free advice and estimates from fireplace contractors in your city. Fire pits are a beautiful, comfortable addition to any home's backyard. Choosing the ideal firepit, however, takes some consideration. Gas and wood are two of the most popular firepit choices. We will explain the differences between them

Natural Gas Cons. Smaller fires; Gas line must be installed; More expensive than wood. Fire Pit with Fire Glass. Fire Glass. Looking to add a little pizzaz to your fire pit or fireplace? Fire glass creates a stunning look and is easy to work with. This heat tempered glass is processed through a tumbler to prevent

Whether you have a wood-burning or gas fireplace, it is important to properly prepare it for the fall and winter seasons to ensure both the fireplace's functionality and your safety. Accidents involving fireplaces can be a major cause of home fires, but most of these fires can be prevented. Read More Backyard Fire Pits.

Gas Vs. Wood-Burning Fire Pit — What's Best For My Outdoor Living Space? Whether your idea of outdoor fun is s'mores and hot dogs with your kids and the family dog, or an elegantly catered event for a crowd, a nice fire pit will So there you have it: The pros and cons of gas vs. wood-burning fire pits for your family.

Outdoor Fireplace Vs. Outdoor Fire Pit - How to Choose Between a Fireplace and FirePit - Pros & Cons of Each - Cooking, Vents, Fire Glass, Design, and Size. If you live in an area that tends to have a no burn warning because of weather, you should look into using a gas fireplace instead of wood. The smoke can be