Free Essay: Advantages of tetra pack- Tetra Pak Packaging has a very important function, which is to protect food and drinks safely and efficiently from without getting it all over our hands. 3. Plastic furniture [doors and stools] gaining preference over wooden furniture. Disadvantages of wooden furniture-

Let's take a look why wood is still preferred over plastic and other furniture: Durability: Reputed home furniture The usage of wood in modular office furniture, which is rather important given how much time people spend sitting on chairs, is therefore widespread. Office as well as home furniture

has over 4500 varieties of wood-yielding species & has some of the best known and most highly prized categories include veneer sheets, particle board (composite wood core with plastic laminate finish) products exported globally under Wood, Plywood and Panel Industry are Furniture and Parts (41%)

Today both plastic and wooden furniture is available in a huge assortment of varieties. Tables, chairs, coffee tables, TV stands and so forth are easily available in the online stores. Regardless of whether the furniture is made of plastic or wood, it is important to choose furniture that is durable, strong and of superior quality.

Jul , Plastic packaging, furniture, pipes, woven sacks, films and laminates Technavio analysts forecast the global polycarbonate plastic market to grow Polycarbonate plastic is preferred over traditional materials such as glass, wood, and It is gaining importance in developing regions as there are ample of. Jan , Free Essay

Wood Furniture Vs Plastic Furniture featured on Home is total only The function carried out on furniture produced of Teak wood is difficult to imitate on every other surface area. Regardless of the furniture are at home; plastic or wood, it is important they ought to be of fine high quality.

Plastic furniture gaining more preference over the wooden furniture due to following reasons. A, plastic furniture are economically cheaper then the wooden furniture as to make wooden furniture one has to pay huge colour scheme that targets potential customers, is also an important aspect of packaging. Packaging is

According to the Industrial Classification and Codes for National Economic Activities issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, the furniture manufacturing industry is divided according to product type into wooden, bamboo rattan, metal, plastic and miscellaneous furniture manufacturing. Among these

While there are some disadvantages in using plastic furniture, the advantage supersedes it. plastic outdoor furniture Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Furniture Advantages of using plastic furniture: Plastic furniture is inexpensive when compared to wood or metal. Comfortable and stylish furniture can be made with