These systems are designed on the principle that water will not move on its own. Rain and snow, the chief forms of water that impinge on a wall during normal conditions, are either moved downward by gravity, or sideways by wind. A rainscreen uses an exterior surface a cladding layer to break the force of sideways,

What is a rainscreen? Terra Cotta Rainscreen Assembly: Panels Installed Terra Cotta Rainscreen Assembly: Support Framing Installed A. A Terreal Terra Cotta rainscreen consists of an outer panel, a ventilated cavity and an inner skin. A rainscreen system is pressure Typical Terra Cotta Wall Assembly Section

Vertical Installation. At the top end of wood siding boards in a vertical rainscreen cladding installation of the Climate-Shield System, where the cladding will typically intersect a soffit, the siding should be cut 1 8" short to allow adequate ventilation at the top of the wall section. For the most efficient design and installation, the

If the wall system does not allow ventilation, and more importantly, pressure moderation then it is not fully following the 'open rainscreen principle32. . As part of the larger group of wall designs called 'screened-drained' systems (see “Approaches to Wall Design”), rainscreens also possess a secondary defense against

Inner Element. The Inner Element. Controls the Following: Water. Air. Vapor. Thermal. Structure. MODERN RAINSCREEN BACKUP SYSTEMS. Wall Section . Intercept. Entyre. 27,015 sq. ft. Versapanel. Vertical. 35,054 sq. ft. CS MetalWrap Louvers. Rainscreen Wall Systems. The CENTRIA Rainscreen. System in Action

for various rain screen wall and joint systems. Ten key features Understand the major ways building design influences rain penetration through the envelope. 3. Understand the concept of a rain screen. he Rain Screen Wall. System. T .. type are discussed in the section,“Rain screen Principles in Curtain Wall” (page 20).