Craftsmen constructing a natural stone fire pit on wooden deck with stone inlay. www. . Fascinating Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Decoration For Backyard Inspiration Pictures: Beautiful Encircle Fire Pit Ideas With Stones And Wood Panels In Small Patio Decors As Well As Green Grass . Platform deck installation by Meg Padgett

Sprinklers can be omitted from several exterior spaces as well. Canopies, balconies, decks, roofs, and porte cocheres that are constructed of noncombustible materials, limited combustible materials, or fire-retardant-treated wood need not have sprinkler protection. Another outdoor space from which

Between outdoor lighting, grills, and fire pits, there are a lot of potential fire hazards in a patio or backyard area. Make sure all cords are secured and not If your deck is made of wood, make sure you keep it maintained to avoid splintering boards, wobbly rails, and rotting posts. Every year as the weather is

Learn about fire pits, fuel sources and whether it is safe to install a fire pit on a wood or composition wood deck. A fire pit is a fun addition to your backyard, but you need to consider several issues before placing one on your deck. In some areas, summer burn bans and other legal issues may prevent you

With these 5 tips you can install a TV outside and keep the party centered in your manicured backyard. #1 LOCATION IS KEY! Existing wall A wall on your deck or your fence makes for a sturdy attachment surface and is easier than having to build a structure or require concrete footings. Pole mounted

If you are considering adding a fire pit to your backyard, there are several things that need to be considered. Some communities do not allow open fires so check with officials prior to making any plans to install a fire pit. In addition to Fire pits should never be placed on wood decks as this is a serious fire hazard.

Fire pits can add a cozy, serene feel to any outdoor space, but when you install one on your porch or patio, you'll need to keep in mind that open flames can be quite dangerous. If you don't place your fire pit a safe distance away from your home, you could risk causing an uncontrolled fire. Here are some tips for properly

As summer approaches, the International Code Council is urging homeowners to take the time to check their outdoor areas for potential safety hazards. The most common grilling hazards are open flames and heat generated in the grill base that can be transferred to the wood of a porch or the home's siding, causing a fire.

Watch this video to find out how to build a wood deck on your home, including the foundation, framing, decking, handrails, and seating.

The concern with having a traditional wood-burning fire pit on a deck is that sparks and flying embers can ignite nearby surfaces. An undetected spark that If you want to use a fire pit on a deck and you've received the all-clear from the city code, choose a gas-fueled pit for the lowest fire risk. A properly installed gas fire pit

Building and deck orientation is therefore important in reducing the risk of exposure to a wildfire (see Fact Sheet #3, Selecting the Construction Site). For decking and stair treads, use exterior fire-retardant-treated wood, minimum 3-inch nominal thickness, or brick or concrete pavers and a suitable drainage mat over wood

No longer will a wood deck with a grill do for many homeowners wanting to enjoy their backyards. These days, accessorizing means amenities like ponds, flower beds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens and, increasingly, fire pits that crackle and glow. Of course, a fire pit can be had without spending top

Natural gas fire pit: If you are comfortable installing your fire pit in one place and you don't want to move around. Then you can consider installing a natural gas fire pit on your deck. It has no harm to your deck. No embers and

outdoor deck. Homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to staining their decks. Be sure you make the best choice for your outdoor living area. (Photo courtesy of Fence & Deck Connection) The options in composite decking, typically a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, are steadily expanding.

If improperly installed, operated, or maintained, wood burning fireplaces are potential sources of house fires. Embers popping out of an unscreened fire or chimney fires from creosote build-up are just two of the hazards that can be avoided with proper use and care. Wood burning fireplaces can also negatively affect indoor

But even well-constructed decks will start looking shabby after a few years if you don't take the right precautions. Follow these tips for your wood deck to help ensure that your deck lasts and looks good for as long as possible because caring for any outdoor installation is a continuous process.

The major limitation with wood decks is that because wood is a combustible material, it cannot cover more than 20 percent of a roof level, as stipulated by New York City Building Code. (Incidentally, the New York City Fire Code also prohibits barbecuing on the roof for the same reason.) A wood deck system therefore is

Untreated wood and wood treated with fire retardant, as well as plastic and wood-plastic composite products, are all combustible and therefore vulnerable to ember . Installing flashing: Attaching a metal flashing strip, approximately 18 inches tall, between the top of the deck, patio or porch and the exterior (combustible)

A gas fire pit on the back patio is a great way to enjoy the ambience of an outdoor fire without the dangers of burning wood. But just because If you're interested in setting the pit on your wooden deck, make sure to purchase a pedestal-style pit, raised up on feet to allow for appropriate heat ventilation. Even if the fire pit is a

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